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Out the door for a very short trip to SF with my mom and grandma to see family and Iolanthe!


One Fell Swoop

Just got back from seeing Macbeth at Independent Shakespeare, the company that Jenna and Marisa and I used to volunteer at when we graduated from high school. So good, lots and lots of blood. It was like seeing an episode of any HBO drama, but live.


This weekend, Stephen and I had plans to try and get tickets to Book of Mormon, playing at the Pantages, because we both really wanted to see it and because the raffle tickets were only $25 (compared to the price of $100, which is approximately was seats in the last row of the mezzanine are going for). He lives in Hollywood so we decided that it would be easy enough to try a few raffles until we finally won, whenever that might be.

Our best chances were for the Saturday Matinee, which we knew we would have the best chances at winning, because it would have fewer people than the Saturday night show. To make a long story short, we didn’t win, and we were sad, but we decided to come back later that night for the next raffle.

There weren’t as many people there as I thought there would be on Saturday night, but there were still enough people for me to know that our chances were considerably worse. Trying to win one of these raffles is exhausting too, because you have to spend that time between when you put your name in and when they call out the 13 coveted pairs of tickets agonizing over everyone else who walks up to the table to put their own names in, thereby making your own chances even worse. And then when they start calling names, you have to deal with hearing the exciting shrieks of the people who did win, all the while counting on your fingers how many chances you have left to have your name called. It’s hard for your heart not to beat a little faster than normal. Luckily though, our hearts didn’t have to start beating faster, because they called my name SECOND, before I even had time to get nervous about not winning again!


We went back to his apartment to grab a bite to eat and to change, and then we went back to the theater. We knew that our tickets were somewhere in the orchestra, but it turned out that they were in the FRONT ROW. I’m not gonna lie, it felt pretty good to walk around at intermission, knowing that we had better seats than pretty much EVERYONE else in the packed theater.

Oh, and the show itself was amazing! I highly recommend it.