My friend Jackie volunteers/works for various Orange County Democratic campaigns, so tonight Allison and I went with her to an event to fill some empty seats and eat a free dinner. Except that it was more than just filling seats, because it was at the Grand Californian Hotel (i.e. the extra super fancy Arts & Crafts hotel at Disneyland that I’ve always wanted an excuse to actually be at), and the keynote speaker of the night was Gavin Newsom!Image

We arrived literally just as everyone was already sitting down and the event was about to start, which meant that at the moment we walked into the conference room, Gavin Newsom was also walking in, so we agreed to think of it as that we had walked in with him. There was a lot of noise in the room, so I’m guessing he didn’t hear the three of us giggling profusely behind him. He’s definitely probably the most attractive man I have ever seen. No wonder he gets elected to stuff.


Blurry Gavin. He left right after he spoke, so we didn’t get to go up and introduce ourselves. But we’re definitely on a first name basis with him (in our minds, at least, which is what counts). )Next time!

Also, the dessert was really good. Have I mentioned how much I like Democrats?