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Cake of the Day


Baklava, from The Marais, Paris, 2012. 




Skyping with France

I’ve been busy the last few days! First of all, I got to skype with my French host family for the first time since I left them in July! I was scared Lise would be a little shy, but apparently 8-year-olds act MORE affectionate when they haven’t seen you in many months.


It was sooooo nice to see her (Juliette was at volleyball, so I’ll get to see her next time). Also, even though Lise was perfectly capable of talking to me, as soon as she discovered that skype had a typing feature, she proceeded to type me every inside joke we ever had (things like quotes or characters from our favorite movies, or things as simple as “bruno” and “fat”, referring to a fat character named Bruno from The Witches, which of course was a reference I understood right away because we watched The Witches about a MILLION times last year). I also really appreciated the first thing she typed out, which was “cupcake i looooooooooooooove”


And then, of course, the last part of this skype session turned into us trying to take bad screen shots of each other, which we would then send to each other right away. There was a lot of “you’re silly” “No, YOU’RE silly” going on 🙂

Image(we call this one “Monster Face”)


Cake of the Moment

Tartelette aux Fraise, eaten on the steps of Sacre Cour, Februrary 2012, Paris.



Relics from France

I like espresso a lot more than I did when I first arrived in France (both times. It was a long process). And now I can drink of a lot of it because of this:

ImageIt’s a single-cup espresso maker that my friend Sarah gave me as we were all packing up to leave the country. How cool, right? Everyone should have one. The only problem is that I foresee a fight over it between my dad & I come mid-August when I move down to Irvine….