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New Shoes & Mother’s Day

First of all, new shoes! I ran in them for the first time today and they felt great. I can’t move past the 20-minute mark. That is, I’ve done 20 minutes once and for some reason haven’t been able to do it again without stopping around the 14-minute mark. Today I had to stop in the middle for about 60 seconds to adjust some things, but overall it was much more successful than it’s been! 



Since today is Mother’s Day (and since I have a job!) I took my mom to The Little Next Door for breakfast today, and it was delicious. It’s my favorite French restaurant in LA (actually, it’s my only French restaurant in LA), but I love the food and the atmosphere is great, and I figured my mom would like it too.






Mom ordered a frittatta, and OMG were my smoked salmon eggs benedict amazing. I’m going to practice poaching eggs soon. We also ordered something called a white infinity (the little white tart with the flowers) and a blood orange tart. I also tried the mint Moroccan tea (in the blue glass) to see how similar it was to the tea served in the Paris Mosque. It *was* similar (and it brought back lots of memories), but it was missing the thick honey that I associate with the other one. Another thing to try and recreate (which means I have an excuse to buy those amazing tea glasses!)


Christmas in SF

Part I: Cousins at the Academy of Sciences!IMG_0891 IMG_0892 IMG_0896 IMG_0898 IMG_0918Part II: Christmas Eve and Christmas!!!



Traditional Mexican Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve at Elisha and Ricardo’s (not pictured: slow cooker carnitas!)

IMG_0938IMG_0940IMG_0942IMG_0946IMG_0948IMG_0992Part III: More fun!


Too much food, too much fun. I’m in Seattle now and when Stephen picked me up from the airport, we drove directly to one of his friend’s house for more…prime rib. Not pictured from this trip: The ice cream lunch on Pier 39 and the gigantic creole dinner my last night in SF.


I’m thankful for the new tradition Linus and I have of continuously refreshing our respective facebook feeds to catch every picture that someone takes of their Thanksgiving meal, and then judging their side dish/serving plate/table setting choices together.


Oh god, it’s been an unfortunate week full of crazy eating. I think I’ve only eaten 2 dinners at home since who knows when. 

Yesterday my friend Allison was in town, so we got expensive coffee at Intelligentsia in Pasadena, where a new ice cream sandwich place had *just* opened up next store. Clearly we couldn’t resist.

ImageChocolate chip cookies with mascarpone and fig ice cream in between. No regrets.

And then last night for some reason, my dad and I decided that it made sense to go EAT BARBEQUE on the night before Thanksgiving. 


Pulled Pork. What is wrong with me??

It’s 11:03am and I’m telling myself that I’ll forego the entire Thankgiving dinner in favor of pumpkin pie at the end (and wine), but I think we all know that that isn’t going to happen.



Went to Woodland Hills, ate a lot, baked my first tarte tatin.