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Garage Sale Haul 3.8.14

Today I didn’t actually end up buying much, but I did stumble upon the most amazing garage sale in Hollywood. First of all, I think they are definitely semi-professional resellers, but everything looked so amazing and was of the same vintage style that it was okay. There were vintage clothes, vintage books, vintage kitchen stuff, vintage suitcases, a bunch of Singer sewing machines, etc. And somehow none of it seemed pretentious in the way the house was literally overflowing with stuff. I got a bunch of opera CDs for my mom which she said were really good ($2 each), and I got a perfect power blue vintage handbag for myself ($5). The house itself was pretty cool too. Powder pink kitchen!






Garage Sale Haul 1.18.14

We weren’t out for long today, but we each got something. My mom and I each got a bottle of OPI nail polish (red for her, dark purple for me) for 50 cents each, which is a great deal for good nail polish. Dad lucked out too:

David, $5

Garage Sale Haul 11.16.13

I have a lot of young adult fiction in my classroom anyway, but I’ve been looking for more to interest my pickier readers.

photo (16)

24 young adult/children’s chapter books collected from 3 garage sales and one library sale, $8.80


Weekend Aquisitions

It’s not fair to categorize this as a “Garage Sale Haul” post (because none of this stuff came from garage sales) but I did have a fantastic weekend in which I got a huge haul of awesome things.

First things first, I found the perfect gold clutch at American Way (our go-to thrift store) for $3.50. The picture doesn’t do it justice, but it’s the clutch I’ve been looking for my whole clutch-collecting life.


Then today, my mom and I ventured downtown to The Last Bookstore, a used bookstore that was amazing and I was so grateful to have a disposable income because everything inside was so tempting. I came home with a bunch of stuff for me and my classroom.




IMG_0752We also went to a magical school supply place in Pasadena, where I stocked up on oversized construction paper (i.e. poster paper for my purposes), a bunch of stickers, and a whole lotta activity books (photocopyable!)

But most importantly, I acquired a new Dear America (Royal Diaries) book for my collection, yippeee!


IMG_0760Honestly, it was just so nice to get out of the house and visit somewhere new (the used bookstore). I forced myself not to think about work yesterday, so when I went to a cafe to work today, it was a much more enjoyable experience after having a mental break.

Curious about what my students are up to? Here are some sample of some Mesoamerican-themed student work 🙂

IMG_0728 IMG_0729 IMG_0730

Mesoamerican Menu Project.

IMG_07403D model for some students’ Aztec Religion presentation.

IMG_0741Pile o’ crowns for some other students’ Mayan Social Structures presentation (crowns = kings, no matter what culture you’re talking about if you’re in 7th grade).

Garage Sale Haul 9.21.13


Fantastic coat with fur collar, $20.

IMG_0688With matching clutch! $1. I had seen it in France and wanted it, and now it’s mine.

Plus: 3-hole punch for my classroom, $1, extra dry erase markers (5 for $1), a huge stash of pink printer paper (unavailable at school), $1, a metal decorative Disneyland E-ticket sign for my friend Ryan, $3, a nice wicker desk organizer for my classroom, $1, and a set of 7th grade trivia cards for my students to play with when they’re done with their work, $1. The last two garage sale weekends had been total busts, this one made up for it. And one garage sale even tried to give me a free puppy which I got to hold for a while! My parents said no though.

Garage Sale Haul, 8.17.13

IMG_0551Markets of Paris book, $2. Scallop clutch, $2.50.

IMG_0553…in addition to many other great deals this week, including the OPI Big Apple Red nail polish that I am currently wearing, $1.

Garage Sale Haul, 8.10.13

IMG_0487Dress, Forever 21, $1.

IMG_0489Horsey pattern.

IMG_0493Very nice triangular glass jewelry box, $2.