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I know what you’re thinking. Amelia? Posting about football? What? Anyway, this happened:

ImageImageImageI’ll give you three guesses as to who outfitted me with all of this Seahawks gear (not pictured: another shirt and Seahawks earrings). This same person bought a ticket up to Seattle on Sunday night so he could his birthday watching the Seahawks parade today. Oh sports 🙂


Orange County

Yesterday we took a day trip to Orange County for a surprise dinner for one of our friends who just took the bar exam, but we had a nice time winding our way down and running some errands (picking up my Official Graduate transcript at UCI, etc) on the way. We stopped at the Porto’s in Downey for the first time which was good, duh.

We ended up in Newport three hours earlier than we needed to be there, so we sat on the beach for a while and walked around and tried not to get hit by bicycles, and we also stopped at a coffee place called Alta that I really really like. It was really great to lounge around near the beach because I lived nearby for 5 years and didn’t spend nearly enough time there.

The Aquarium, or The Best Day of My Life Thus Far

I hadn’t been to the Aquarium of the Pacific since the 8th grade, so I was super excited to go back and it was WELL WORTH IT. First of all, I got to touch about a million little sharks in the shark area, and I could have stayed indefinitely and touched more. I was even thinking about going back at the end of our visit just to touch them one more time, but I knew that it would never feel like enough, so I decided not to make myself suffer through saying goodbye yet AGAIN. THere was a volunteer who got to stand in the lagoon, who had the BEST JOB IN THE WORLD, i.e. helping out the little kids who were too little to reach the sharks by PICKING UP THE SHARKS AND BRINGING THEM TO THESE LITTLE KIDS. I can’t tell you how jealous I was. Plus, fun fact, little cute sharks apparently sleep in piles atop of one another like giant shark slumber parties, making them EVEN CUTER.

Then, we went to the ray pond, which was pretty much the same mess of emotions all over again. The friendly ones woud see your fingers in the water and come over and flap themselves up on the side of the pond so that you could pet them, and I DIED EVERY TIME IT WAS TOO MUCH TO HANDLE.

And when you couple those with the sea lion/harbor seal viewing area and the CUTEST SEA OTTER in the world, you’ll understand why I was in heaven. OMG OMG.


Off to the Aquarium!


I’ve been so exhausted this whole week, but it’s been a good one! We had some people over this week for what ended up being a graduation party for me, even though initially I just wanted an excuse to see a lot of people who I hadn’t seen in a while on account of having been stuck in Irvine for the entire year. Anyway, it turned out really well and it was great to see everyone. My crumbled goat cheese-sun dried tomato-basil-olive oil pasta went over well, as did my extra chocolate brownies, my dark chocolate chip-orange cranberry cookies, and my Nutter Butter balls (covered in melted dark chocolate).

Bar trivia tonight with Sarah and Andrea!