Stephen took me to Disneyland and California Adventure on Wednesday for my birthday, and we had the best time. The weather was perfect, the crowds were low, and it took us less than an hour to get there, even with the traffic from Hollywood on the 101. He had never been to California Adventure, plus there was a whole bunch of new stuff there that I had never done. And the crowds were light enough so that we really got to do everything we wanted at both parks in one day.

IMG_1139Our first stop was Soaring over California, wheeee! Right before that, we had taken everyone’s advice (the internet’s, Ryan’s, and the lady at the information desk at the park), and headed over to pick up our Fast Passes for a new ride in Cars Land right away. Cars Land opened a year and a half ago, but it’s still so popular that when we went to pick up our Fast Passes, each Fast Pass machine had an individual castmember helping out, to speed along the process. Usually when you get ¬†Fast Pass for a ride, it will tell you to come back about an hour later (for a shorter line). We picked up our Fast Passes for Radiator Springs Racers at 10:13AM, and we were told to come back at 5:55PM! The next time we walked by the Fast Pass machines an hour later, they were all sold out.


We had a lot of time before we needed to be back at Cars Land, so our first stop (after a peek inside the Grand Californian’s lobby), was the Grizzly River Rapids, which had a 5 minute wait time. You can’t really tell in this picture, but Stephen is soaked. Also, please note the size of this giant bear. 1) He looks pretty friendly, I wish all bears looked so friendly, and 2) Wouldn’t bears be less terrifying if they were all required to wear life vests and rafting headgear wherever they went??)

IMG_1142We eventually headed over to Disneyland, were we also had a lot of fun and rode all the big rides that were open (and some of the little rides too). I had ice cream for dinner (yessss) and Stephen had the biggest turkey leg we had ever seen.


Eventually, it was time to head over to Cars Land. I haven’t seen the movie Cars, but Cars Land was incredibly impressive. It is fair to call a land inside a theme park beautiful? Because Cars Land definitely was. The cliffs in the background were beautiful and everything inside was perfectly retro.

IMG_1149IMG_1147 IMG_1148IMG_1159 IMG_1156The moon over Cars Land.

It was a great trip, and we ended with the final Disney Railroad trip around the park for the night, mostly because I wanted to see the dinosaurs in the Primeval World section. Excellent birthday trip!