Birthday Fun!

I had a great birthday yesterday filled with cookies and flowers and food. In the morning I got a knock on my door, and it was UPS dropping off Mrs. Field’s cookies that Talia had sent to me, which was awesome because I didn’t know you could send cookies in the mail.

Stephen drove down and took me to Umami, which is an upscale hamburger chain that I’m obsessed with (I’m only been twice but I daydream about it a lot). The only thing that kept me from gobbling down my burger as fast as Stephen did was that I couldn’t stop talking about it while I was eating it.




Then at night we met up with some friends, where flowers and more cookies were bestowed up me. I had a pizookie (it’s a large cookie baked in a tin and served warm with ice cream on top) and a blackberry mojito, mmm.




Then at night we got back and parked in my apartment complex and I made eye contact with a coyote, and I’m glad Stephen saw him too because I just would have assumed that I was drinking too much otherwise. And then my roommate had a cheesecake sampler waiting for me, which was too nice. All in all, it was an excellent day!