I’ve been a busy bee. My friend Curtis (who was also recently hired to teach 7th Grade History at a different school in the same network) came over and we planned for 8 hours today. We were incredibly productive – we planned the first three days of introduction material in extreme detail, complete with alternate assignments if we’ve finished everything with time still left over. We also created a skeleton of our 2-week Fall of Rome/Byzantine Empire unit. I feel so much better now. There are a lot of holes to fill in, but we’ve done a lot of the hard part. 

photo (10)I even started (and almost finished) a two-day lesson on Inflation in the later Roman Empire, complete with an inflation simulation and a close reading assignment on Diocletian’s Edict on the Fxing of Prices. And I had an opportunity to pull out a bunch of my primary source materials from college which I hope to use (the new Common Core standards are big on primary sources). I have never wanted to email a former professor so badly to tell him what I’m working on for my 7th graders, but unfortunately Prof. Sizgorich passed away my senior year 😦 Anyway, I know he’d be proud!