About Me

I really like cake and I eat a lot of it in place of real food. I recently returned from living just outside of Paris for 10 months, which is why I also like Nutella Crepes so much. I have a lot of opinions about the things we should do in order to be happier, as you will see from reading this blog (one of these opinions is that you should probably be consuming more cake).

Other things that I’ve done: seen the Pope in person, picked up Harry Potter books 4-7 at midnight, been in France & the UK on their respective Presidential/Prime Minister elections, passed 6/6 AP tests, attended Shabbat dinner on the Champs-Elysees, cruised around Loch Ness, sat next to Alexander Hamilton’s grave, eaten a chocolate-covered cricket, been stranded by that volcano in Iceland in 2010, been to the oldest house in Los Angeles, made butter from milk, and a few more things.