The School Year Comes to an End

by ameliamerwin

Obligatory Last Day of School post.

It was really hard saying goodbye to these particular students, and it’s hard to put into words exactly why, expect that they were just really down to earth, good people and really excited all the time. What more can a teacher want? I was given more big hugs and asked to take more selfies than on previous last days. Today was also sort of surreal because two of the teachers on my grade level team whom I am very close with are not coming back next year, so today marked more than just the end of our time with one group of students. It hasn’t completely sunk in that I won’t get to work with these two teachers anymore, though there was definitely a sadder feeling hanging in the air than on previous last days.

I have a busy week starting tomorrow (our first venue tour, the 8th grade graduation and then our flight to Seattle), so I imagine the fact that summer has started won’t sink in for a while either. I know I *should* be excited about this taking-a-break-from-work thing, so I’ll have that to look forward to when things settle down enough for me to enjoy it!


Look how cute they are!