New Food

by ameliamerwin

What’s the best thing do to on a long weekend with no lesson plans do? Try a bunch of new restaurants, of course.

Dinner Friday was a spontaneous trip to The Crabby Crab within walking distance of our place. Delicious. Oh, and churros after.

On Thursday we had catering at work from a taco man, and I ordered a barbacoa taco. My coworkers encouraged me to try birria since I liked my barbacoa taco. Birria is usually goat, though at our local taqueria it’s described as beef stew. Anyway, it’s my new favorite.

Okay okay so then on Saturday night we met Jackie and Roy at Trader Sam’s at the Disneyland hotel, which was great and I don’t know why I had never been. When certain drinks are ordered, the lights flash and there are hurrican sounds and the bartenders spray customers with water.

Then, to close out this long weekend, I enjoyed brunch this morning at Sqirl in Silver Lake with Andrea and Sarah, which I had been meaning to try for a while. My stuffed brioche French toast was so good!

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