Engaged <3

by ameliamerwin

The last time I blogged (umm….four weeks ago, sorry Dad!), I posted at the very end of a particularly joyous weekend. As a teacher, my weekends are very rarely full of fun from start to finish, so it was an especially good weekend filled with vintage finds, Passover, and people I love. But of course what I didn’t know when I posted it was that later that night Stephen and I would be engaged! Making it an even better weekend than I realized at the time.

I thought that getting engaged after living together (and after starting preliminary budget conversations pre-engagement) would make getting engaged pretty anti-climactic, but I was happily wrong. It’s weird how making something official, even though you both know it is definitely going to happen, feels so wonderful. We’ve been basking in the wonderfulness of it for the past four weeks, so much so that we have yet to make anything else official. We definitely haven’t set a budget yet, which means we haven’t found a venue, or chosen colors, or really done anything. Except that we know it will be somewhere in Southern California.

We have, however, started a wedding website! Complete with a weekly podcast tracking our wedding planning experiences. I imagine I will also post about those experiences here.