Wonderful Weekend

by ameliamerwin

I’ve had an especially terrible cold this whole week and the weekend before, but this weekend really made up for it. 

Yesterday Ryan got his car looked at in Van Nuys, so I picked him up and we had breakfast at a new place I hadn’t tried before. 

Inspired by being in Studio City, I decided to take the opportunity to go to the nearest Barnes and Noble to pick up the new book on Hamilton that I have been very excited about (which is currently sold out on Amazon). I haven’t been in a B&N in forever and it was overwhelming. After a trip to the History section I had to make myself leave because there was too much to take in. I should add that I recently finished a great book, and there is no greater feeling than wanting to read while simultaneously having the opportunity to choose a brand new book to begin.  

Oh yeah, and did I mention the crazy well-fitting skirt and dress I picked up spontaneously across the street from breakfast? Whoops (I have no regrets). 

Oh yeah, and churro ice cream sandwiches. 

  Then Stephen’s tuna melts with Prosecco (don’t ask) and the first episode of The Night Manager for dinner. 

This morning we woke up early to meet my mom and grandparents at the vintage flea market in Woodland Hills, and I got some great stuff. That was followed by a delicious Passover lunch chez mes grandparents. 

And I almost forgot – GAME OF THRONES. And Veep. And Turn tomorrow. Couldn’t be a better weekend!