Sometimes, I Eat Cake For Lunch

…and other advice you probably never asked for

Month: January, 2016

Winter Break in Pictures

I go back to work tomorrow! We cooked, ate, and did a lot of visiting this break. Here it is!



Planning a New Unit 

This is definitely one of the areas in my adult life that inspires fear and sometimes nausea in my life. And I’ve been feeling it lately with my Africa unit that it scheduled to begin in t minus 3 days. I’ve never taught this unit before, and I definitely never learned about Africa in K-College. It’s funny (uugh) that I should feel such anxiety about planning this unit since I am presenting on the very topic of reducing anxiety when planning a new unit at a conference later this month (more on that later!). I spent four hours at school yesterday putting together the beginnings of this unit, and I think that at least the beginning will be good. The rest of the unit remains to be seen. 

Feeling Productive Again

This Christmas break, all glorious three weeks of it, has been the longest time I can remember where I just couldn’t do anything. Nothing has been able to motivate me (except for the fear of a less-than-perfect Africa unit when we come back to school on Monday?) and I’ve spent far too many hours doing nothing on the couch, online, feeling blaaagh.

Today was finally good though. I went into work for 4 hours and was incredibly productive (though, erm, the 11 different things I created and printed out were only for approximately my first two days of lessons, but that’s neither here nor there — #teacherlife). And it was the first day where my head wasn’t panicked about the day moving too quickly — I didn’t give myself a time limit for anything. I finally felt good about something.