Sometimes, I Eat Cake For Lunch

…and other advice you probably never asked for

Month: October, 2015

New York

We’re enjoying the windy weather and eating a lot. We took a tour of the UN yesterday which was fascinating, and today I’m stuffing myself with soup-filled crab dumplings in preperation for Brad & Rosa’s wedding tonight. So much to do!


Work work work work

In preparation for our red eye to NY for some friends’ wedding, I have been a CRAZY WORKING MACHINE. Due to anxiety (which is getting worse?), I had my packets for both tomorrow AND Monday nicely printed and stapled by Tuesday…add this to the fact that progress report grades are due tomorrow (done!), AND that my papers for my return to school on Tuesday are neatly waiting in my “Tuesday” drawer, so it makes sense why I’ve been using every spare second to grade/plan. But the good news is that I have ZERO intention of thinking about work alllll weekend (or tomorrow or Monday). Weeee!


PUMPKN ICE CREAM. My three favorite words. Fall is my favorite season, even though it can be pretty hot here well into November.  I’ve been drinking a lot of pumpkin spice lattes and eating a lot of pumpkin ice cream, and stuffing my face with candy corn every time I open the pantry, where the open bag of candy corn conveniently lives.

Today’s weather felt amazing. There was finally something in the air that made it feel like Fall….and the BUCKETS of water suddenly falling from the sky around 3PM today definitely helped it feel like the season had changed. Although, the forecast says it’s going to be 100 degrees this weekend, so who knows?

We’re almost done with our Rome/Byzantine Empire unit, and I’m excited. The summative projects are almost done, and while everything is going MUCH better than last year, teaching writing is hard. I’m trying very hard to remind myself that I can’t expect everyone to turn in a perfect paragraph. Writing, as everyone knows, is so abstract because it’s hard to teach the why of writing. It’s also hard to teach structure and style. But I’m reminded that liberal arts majors are hire-able based on their ability to communicate, so that’s what gives me motivation as my students and I struggle together.