Sometimes, I Eat Cake For Lunch

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Month: September, 2015

I’m a Grading Machine!

I have so many grades in the gradebook, I can’t even believe it. Maybe it doesn’t seem so overwhelming because my grading time isn’t competing for lesson planning time for the first time in my life!

Friday was wonderful. The kids worked perfectly independently and were engaged, and after school we had the new 7th graders stay for a get to know you game to finish off the new student workshops we’ve been holding for them. This one went better than anything, kids were begging us to continue playing with them once 4:30 hit and at least one of them ran out to ask his mom if he could stay longer.

Then after work we went a few miles away to the home of one of last year’s students. Every Friday and Saturday his mom sets up a canopy and sells Mexican food. I had some fried stuff I had never had before.


Week 2!

Okay, almost two weeks down! So far I am basking in the glow of being a THIRD YEAR TEACHER, because so much of my planning is ALREADY DONE AND ACTUALLY PRETTY GOOD AT THIS POINT. And yet, I still feel as though I have endlesssss things to do everyday, sigh. But I have been going home pretty early, which is AWESOME!

The kids are good, they are growing on me everyday. I especially appreciate how eager to please they are 🙂

Stephen and I have been dating for three whole years as of today. We’re pretty happy,  and I’m glad my friend convinced me to meet him for coffee in Irvine three years ago. Also, living together is awesome!  I remember talking to Papa Don on the phone when I was getting my credential in 2012, and when he asked me if I was dating anyone, it felt pretty good to say yes and feel pretty solid about where this relationship was going. Three years later and I am glad I was right. And also I came home from work to find anniversary brownies he had baked for me 🙂