Sometimes, I Eat Cake For Lunch

…and other advice you probably never asked for

Month: August, 2015


Year Three, here we go! I’m nervous but I don’t think I should be. Except for some stuff I measured wrong whilst working this weekend, which means needing to stick some hooks in different places on the wall early tomorrow and hoping little(r) hands don’t knock them off the wall accidentally over the course of the day, I’m good to go!


Settling In

It’s amazing how much I’m really feeling at home in our new place. When we first moved to Sherman Oaks, it felt strange because it was the first time I was moving relatively close to home, but not staying in the same city (like my last apartment in Burbank) but also not moving far away to another planet (Irvine, or France). But I really do feel at home in this part of the valley. I no longer rely on my GPS for all trips to the mall, and there are familiar landmarks, like the “Dental Work While Sedated” billboard that greets me every time I use my (new) freeway exit. And today was the first day I didn’t use my GPS to get me to the Michael’s in Encino!

This week has been busy. On Wednesday, I met my co-worker in Hawthorne and we went to a giant flea market in Redondo Beach. It was very successful (see picture of finds below) but also verrry warm (the pretty flower design on my water bottle melted all over me and my dress). We got ice cream in Manhattan Beach afterwards, my friend Andrea took this picture of me:


I’ve also obviously been hard at work at the school before school starts on Monday. I feel VERY excited to legitimately have completed the real groundwork last year. But I could tell something was lacking because I wasn’t feeling very detail-oriented in terms of my planning. The thing with last summer is that I was HYPER-aware of everything I wanted and how I wanted those messages to be delivered, thanks to my difficult year the year before.    But this summer I haven’t been in very *instructional* mindset because last year I felt like there was so much less that I was looking forward to change during Year 3.

THANK GOD I looked back today into my Prezis (like Powerpoints, but better) to see what I had done last year. I continue to be impressed with how good and purposeful all of my stuff was at the beginning of last year. It’s a good thing I found these files, I don’t think Year 3 would have started out as well as I hoped if I hadn’t found these reminders. However, there are a few slides that I remember using, but that I CANNOT for the life of me figure out what I used them to communicate….

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 7.27.48 PM

I remember specifically looking for this image, but what could it have meant??


Still no pictures of the apartment yet (soon, I promise!) but we are making progress! Stephen is very handy so he has no problem measuring and drilling stuff (things that I try to stay away from).

Last weekend Andrea and Sarah and I saw Much Ado About Nothing for free in Griffith Park, and I was crying with laughter. Now that I’m back at work, obviously I’m seeing everyone I couldn’t see when I *wasn’t* working, so I’ve been busy but social.

Speaking of work, we starting our prep days last week. It felt GOOD to be doing something productive with my time. Plus, the things I left up in my classroom are still in perfect condition (fabric bulletin boards that took me hours last summer, I’m looking at you!). And ending the week with a staff water balloon fight is always productive 🙂

Feeling at Home

I go back to work for prep days on Tuesday, and in the meanwhile, Stephen and I have been making our apartment feel more at home. We now have a love seat up in the loft, which is cozy, and for the first time in a year I have a TV!

Even though we have a walk-in closet, I’ve been trying to think very specifically about my wardrobe and what I currently wear. My new thing is even if a piece is really flattering on me, if I can picture a 16-year-old wearing it, then I don’t need to be wearing it too. I did a lot of research about Buffalo Exchange’s buying policies (including reading about a million negative reviews written by people who were scandalized that Buffalo Exchange did not buy their very stylish clothing). Anyway, I brought some stuff in over two days and I expected to make no money, but they actually wanted a lot of my stuff and I walked away with $50!

Shakespeare in the park tonight with Andrea, Sarah and EB 🙂