Tomorrow I finish my Master’s degree in Teaching. My Master’s degree! Can you believe that? It hasn’t sunk it for me yet. I think part of it is because in Education a lot of people’s have Master’s, and also because for the most part I was going through the motions instead of working towards something that I was very passionate about. But, all the same, I am officially a Master! I did use this summer session to really think philosophically about the work that teachers do and the educational structures that we live in, so that’s something. We present our final proposal to Judi (one of our professors this summer and the former head of the program), and I’m looking forward to ending my graduate career sitting around the room with someone who has been present at every step of my teaching training since I started in 2012.

On that note, when I finish tomorrow, I will have been a student in some form at UC Irvine for on and off eight years. Almost a quarter of my life! That is the most emotional part of all of this for me. I’m not ready to say goodbye.

Stephen and I moved to Sherman Oaks last week. We love our place. It has:

1. A Chipotle within walking distance

2. A Trader Joe’s literally five minutes away with AMPLE parking.

3. A Goodwill, Buffalo Exchange and the Urban Outfitters surplus store all in a neat little walkable triangle.

4. An In ‘n Out.

5. A new branch of our absolute FAVORITE whole-in-the-wall taqueria that opened up just in time for us to move in.

6. A Ralph’s with the largest Kosher section I have ever seen (okay, not necessary for us but still pretty funny).

7. My boyfriend living in the same room as me.

8. A Gyu-Kaku Japanese bbq.

9. A very direct route to Irvine via the 405.

I really couldn’t be happier. I’ll post pictures when we’ve actually moved all of our stuff in and cleared out all of the boxes.