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Month: June, 2015

Four Days to Go

Teaching is weird, because (I assume) you have to go into each year as though it is the BIGGEST YEAR EVER and then all of a sudden, 180 instructional days later, it’s over. At least, that’s how I approached this past year because all I wanted in the world was to make it a million times better than my first year — and to prove to myself that I WAS capable of being a good teacher. But I feel like I’m the kind of person who can’t take chances…I will probably treat each upcoming year as though it is the most important year ever, because I’m so paranoid about what will happen if I set up my classroom experience the wrong way.

Last week students completed their Board Game Projects, in which they took any historical topic that we had covered and created some sort of board game out of it. This was a huge success for me, because I only gave my students 3 full days instead of the 5 days I gave students last year….my instructions were clearer, as were my expectations….I have never seen so many little heads working so quickly and quietly for three days straight as I did during this assignment. There was basically no fooling around, and if someone did slink away from their own group….it was to examine the project of someone else. It was a huge gamble giving them so little time, but the results were phenomenal!

IMG_3287_2 IMG_3315_2

At first I thought that they missed the point at this one and that it was solely a basketball game, but then I read more and saw that the player’s goal is to stop Johan Tetzel 😉

IMG_3316 IMG_3321_2 IMG_3323_2

Sometimes, letting kids have creative historical freedom means you end up with Godzilla in your Historical Board Games…


Knights Vs. Samurai Foosball!IMG_3395_2

Renaissance SkeeBall 🙂

My first group of kids whom I felt a real connection to. It’s going to be hard to let them go.


A Wedding!

On Saturday our good friends Jackie and Roy got married (I know Jackie from college and Stephen knows Roy from college). It was such an emotional day.

IMG_3475 IMG_3480 IMG_3471 IMG_3456 IMG_3435 IMG_3431

It was just so much fun. Stephen and I also had the honor of signing their marriage license, which I know now is a thing. The night before, the girls had stayed at a VERY fancy resort in Newport Beach called Pelican Hill. Except that we weren’t at the “resort” section, we were at the Villas, which meant we had approximately 12 closets, a butler, and people calling us to ask us if they should be delivering red or white wine glasses. Here’s a very accurate picture (that I did not take):

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 6.14.50 PM

The fact that I stayed here on Friday night but at Stephen’s hotel (the La Quinta!) is important because it turned out that this La Quinta was a converted GRAIN SILO. Basically the same level of luxury:


This obviously resulted in a lot of grain-related puns being texted back and forth all day. I could barley keep up.

Thursday Night

I couldn’t figure out how I was able to be so productive tonight…and then I realized that it was because I didn’t have any work to do for work. Funny how that is.

After today, there are only two weeks left with my wonderful and amazing (and often confounding) 7th graders. Tomorrow Stephen is picking me up from work and we are heading to Irvine for our good friends’ wedding (one of whom is responsible for setting Stephen and I up). This is Wedding #1 of 4 in the next while. Pictures soon!