Sometimes, I Eat Cake For Lunch

…and other advice you probably never asked for

Month: April, 2015


I’ve been very busy. My Friday’s aren’t as joyous as they usually are due to the fact that my weekends are now so overwhelming!

School is going well though. Students are working on a capstone project (not written by me, but furiously poured over, re-arranged, pre-annotated and discussed by me) in which they examine why the Tang Dynasty and the Mayan empire declined, then take that information to make two recommendations to the President about what can be done to stop the US from declining one day. They are surprisingly into it!

One of the US’ areas we are examining is our food consumption (i.e. easier access to food via freezers, etc, and all the health impacts that these things will have on future generations). The kids got REALLY into a video I showed them about disgusting school lunches. I may have fueled the fire by showing them pictures of elementary school lunches in France (VERY VERY FANCY). The kids were furious, and they were literally screaming. They want to write letters to the school demanding that we have a salad bar.

Speaking of food, Stephen took me to dinner at the most beautiful restaurant I have ever been to. Pictures will not do it justice. ┬áIt’s called The Little Door, and it was French Moroccan. Luckily for me, my lamb stew lasted for many lunches so I had extra time to enjoy it!

IMG_2918 IMG_2929 IMG_2931_2


Overwhelmed and Irritated

I’ve been really busy, with worthwhile things and less-than-worthwhile things.

On Saturday, I sort of abruptly decided to run a 5k that my own middle school alma mater was putting on. I surprised myself by shaving FIVE MINUTES off my record. That was a crazy surprise. It helped that my own middle school teachers were cheering me on. I caught up with a bunch of them for the first time since I was last in middle school… 2003. They pretty much look the same and they all remembered me (obviously). Oddly enough, the number one response that I got when I saw them was almost unanimously, “Oh! You’re LINUS’ sister!”. What does that even mean?!

That same day Stephen took me to dinner at a restaurant that I had been wanting to try forever, The Little Door. It’s French Morrocan with the most beautiful decor ever. So much foie gras and couscous, I was in heaven.

Irritated about stuff that I can’t post here but am otherwise very willing to discuss (i.e. the industry in which I work). I had a freak out last night and people in three of my different social circles had to listen to me freak out and vent (thank you!).