My First 5K!

After a confusing 5K that we signed up for two weeks ago that might have been a scam and never ended up happening, my study abroad friends Candy and Valerie finally ran together this weekend! Obviously, this seems totally unlike me, but I have slowly been training. It’s an incredible feeling that what once seemed impossible is now physically and mentally something that I CAN do. That being said, this one was hard. It was the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K, but there was definitely more emphasis on walking than running. So with the combination of getting stuck behind walkers, very warm weather and some crazy hills, it was definitely a challenge. But the highlights were 1) at any given point seeing 1,000 people (maybe) behind me, and 2) thinking I still had a mile left but then suddenly finding myself at the finish line, with Stephen, Candy and Valerie cheering me on. I’m definitely looking forward to my next one (though this one needs be at like 6AM when it’s not 80 degrees please).