Sometimes, I Eat Cake For Lunch

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Month: January, 2015

Learning to Be Spontaneous

So I already had a LOT to do tonight, and I was getting stressed because I had a Social Studies meeting 30 minutes away from work and home in Sylmar until 4:30. Which wouldn’t have been so bad, except that as much as I planned and fretted over tomorrow’s lesson, I still didn’t know what I was going to do, or what I was even going to teach. So I was slightly hyperventilating when I walked into the meeting in the first place.

But then my best friend EB invited me to Wicked at the Pantages tonight at 8 (1. it’s her birthday, don’t want to say no! and 2. Never seen it), so after a lot of inner-monologuing with myself, I decide to accept her offer and go with it. And then my work partner and the meeting facilitator dropped everything else they were doing to help me plan for tomorrow. THANK YOU, KIND TEACHERS, THANK YOU. And now I have a plan (which ended up being different than they plan the three of us originally came up with, because that’s how much I like to re-plan and re-plan even when I have a perfectly acceptable lesson).


San Francisco For the New Year

Hello, dear readers! Stephen and I got back from our travels on January first, and in the meantime I’ve been alternating between being very BORED and very stressed about everything I have to do before I go back to work on Monday (hence the lateness of this blog post!).

We weren’t in SF for long but we had a great time, filled mostly with eating and zoo animals.

First, Elisha picked us up from SFO and we met up with Auntie Judy and were whisked off to breakfast (and beignets!)

IMG_2619 IMG_2620

Then we went to the zoo, where the animals were AWAKE. Seriously, the hippo was putting on a show for the audience. Showing her teeth, making (or trying to make) arcs with the water, etc. It was like she was trying to be one of the hippo ballerinas in Fantasia, except that she was having a hard time because she was a REAL HIPPO.


That night, Auntie Judy and Uncle Rick took us to a Burmese restaurant, which was great, especially because it was so different than Chinese food. There is a big emphasis on mixing lots of different food together in Burmese cuisine, just as in the dessert pictured below (there was a lot of weird but delicious stuff in there).


The next day, Stephen and I had lunch with his aunt and uncle (who were in town from Concord where they live) at Scoma, which was delicious. Musee Mecanique was near by, so we stopped by there too.


One of my goals during this trip was to go to Tartine, where I had eaten a delicious lunch but had not had the chance to sample their desserts. It was very good, and Stephen and I walked around the Mission for a while after.


Not pictured within our food adventures: Ice Cream Sundae at Gharadelli and the ice cream + egg nog at The Ice Cream bar (a really cool old fashioned ice cream place in SF where they make their own sodas). This is Lucy and Stephen at the Ice Cream Bar. They were clearly bonding over their matching outfits.

IMG_2652 IMG_2654

We also went to the Exploratorium, which was AMAZING. Stephen described it best when we compared it to the CA Science Center (which I looove), except that if the CA Science Center has one (slightly broken) interactive exhibit on a scientific process, the Exploratorium has 10 (new and shiny) exhibits on that same topic. If you like science, I definitely think it was worth the admission price. My favorite part was the wing focusing on human social behavior.

IMG_2677 IMG_2682

Our Exploratorium night ended with a new street act we came up with called The Walking Jacket. I mean, if you saw a jacket walking on its own down the Embarcadero, you’d throw it a dollar or two, right?

IMG_2689 IMG_2690

It was a great, whirlwind trip, and it was over too quickly. But I need a while to digest everything we ate before I go back!