Sometimes, I Eat Cake For Lunch

…and other advice you probably never asked for

Month: November, 2014


We had an excellent Thanksgiving yesterday, hosted by my parents. Stephen and I made chocolate pudding pie (his family’s recipe), and we also tried an adventurous potato recipe that turned out really well:


The not-so-secret ingredient: pancetta.


Ours is the one on the left, my grandma also made a delicious pecan pie and a delicious lemon merengue pie. Overall, it was a nice and calm Thanksgiving, and everything was really good. There were 10 of us, including some friends of the family, and not including the three cats who were constantly circling the house trying to find a way inside.

Afterwards, it felt kind of weird to go home and sleep somewhere other than my parents’ house after a holiday. But I was consoled with the tupperware upon tupperware of leftovers that my mom INSISTED I take home.







IMG_2477 IMG_2484



I took Friday off because I Just Coudn’t Take It Anymore, and this week we are only in school on Monday and Tuesday! I’m not complaining though, things are actually great — I just needed a break. Tomorrow is a review game, and then Tuesday a test…and then 5 days in a row off! 🙂

Yesterday, we drove down to Santa Ana to meet some friends for a dinner reservation we had made a month ago at a restaurant called Playground. It had an eclectic and delicious menu. Maple-glazed pork chop (which was huge and the menu advised against ordering it with less than 4 people), vinegar-fried chicken (OMG, they managed to make fried chicken EVEN BETTER), sticky toffee pudding, pork belly buns, ramen, etc. All in all, a delicious success.

Stephen and I are making potatoes for Thanksgiving, but instead of mashed we’re going to try something more exciting. Pictures will be posted if it turns out like we hope it will 🙂

Half Day

I’m a nerd who is way to excited about the fact that tomorrow is half day and because my prep period is last period of the day on Mondays, that means that I’m done for the day before lunch…at 11:15. I am literally freaking out. I made sure that my whole 7th grade team knew that we were going out to lunch to celebrate the gloriousness of this (never mind the fact that we have to be back eventually for work stuff, but I’m actually REALLY EXCITED to have three hours to plan with my coach, wooooo).

Heart Rate

Is it normal for your heart to race a mile a minute when the one thing that is stressing you out is the possibility of missing out on 15 minutes of being able to hang out at home and do nothing for 4 hours? Because that was me after work ended. And we’re talking about it being early — I still got home before 5. I get stressed in weird ways, I guess.

This week felt strange because of the Tuesday we had off in the middle of the week. But by the time we came back to work on Wednesday, it felt like it was a Monday — which meant it felt like it was only a three-day week!

I have nothing to complain about, knock on wood. Proud of myself and proud of the kids.

Good Week!

I’ve had a very tiring but very good week!

On Tuesday, I had one of those near-perfect days that I had been wistfully daydreaming of all last year (and which I will likely not have again anytime soon). After the warm up, I gave directions for 2 minutes, and then students spent the rest of the period working in groups to figure things out (they were calculating the current Muslim populations all over the world and then creating maps based on them). I overheard many conversations that showed me that students were actively engaging with their calculations — much more meaningful than me just telling them where most of the world’s Muslim population lives! Finally, students were finishing at different points, but it was OOOOKAY, because I had an extension article already prepared, which fit in nicely with out year-long theme of TRANSFORMATION (it was about how the recent phenomenon of taking “selfies” at Mecca is worrisome to more traditional Muslims), WHICH was extra special because I had it in not one but in TWO different reading levels, to support the multiple reading levels present in the room. Sigh.

We started working on a very cool Document Based Question which also fits in nicely with my year-long theme, which is called “Why did Islam spread so Quickly?” and it is pretty cool (no, I did not make it myself, but I DID spend hours editing it to make it work for my students). And I ended today with a really great phone call with one of my coaches. I feel very fortunate to be working at a job where I get to walk out of the door beaming on most nights. And I feel extra lucky to feel as excited for the weekend as I feel about teaching! 🙂

Productive Weekend

On Saturday I spent time with two of my 7th grade team teachers from last year (they came over so I got to host and show off my place, yess!), and it was great catching up with them. I also got to use the fancy milk foamer that Stephen got me a few months ago to make my guests lattes, which I am always excited to do.

Today I went to the Pasadena Swap Meet with my grandparents, where I was a little too successful — two wonderful dresses and a really cool shirt. I think I was so eager to buy because yesterday I had gone around to a bunch of the local second-hand places in Burbank and hadn’t found anything that I was actually looking for.

Workwise, I felt panicked all night because it just felt so much later than it was because of the time change. But I managed to call a bunch of parents and prep for our upcoming intense Document Based Question (the ones I have were written for high school, so this prep work involves a LOT of pre-annotating and creating new graphic organizers and figuring out all of the misconceptions that students may possibly have).

All in all, a very nice weekend!