The Weekend

by ameliamerwin

Because of what I have due to work, every other weekend is my “off” weekend where I don’t have to turn in Unit Plans (however, every weekend is technically still “on” since I spent my weekend putting together materials for the week anyway. I live in dread of certain “on” weekends, where I will not only have two weeks of lesson plans due, but also a lengthy and detailed unit rational. This upcoming weekend is one of these terrifying ones, since I will be starting a new unit. This meant that out of sheer terror I spent a lot of this weekend pre-planning for that next unit rationale, but I feel a little better about it now.

Anyway, the weekend started out kind of blah because Stephen and I were both a little under the weather. I get so disappointed when weekends fly by without doing anything or feeling productive. But we did go to a place in Pasadena called Pie ‘N Burger, where we had delicious pie and burgers.


Sunday felt loooong, in a good way. I made myself run frivolous and unnecessary errands jut to stay out of the apartment, because otherwise I would literally be working all day long. My problem is that no matter how much I do, I never feel like anything is finished. So it’s better to make myself start working at 4PM versus 10AM, because I will still feel the same amount of satisfaction. Anyway, I didn’t feel panicked about time all day even though I started work later 🙂