Sometimes, I Eat Cake For Lunch

…and other advice you probably never asked for

Month: October, 2014


It’s almost the end of October! Today was one of those lessons that just felt GOOD. As in, each part flowed into the next seamlessly, and the work that we did yesterday 100% prepared them to work in groups today, and they were able to analyze difficult text on their own with little help from me. PLUS, I know that today’s class will TOTALLY help them write a strong paragraph when we reach that part of the lesson. Yessss. I went to a workshop a few weeks ago and the facilitator told us that if we as teachers were bored during a lesson where the kids were working on their own, then we would probably be doing something right. I’m trying to live by that motto, it’s helping. I get anxious when I don’t have much to do during a lesson, but that should be the goal!

Finished The Fault in Our Stars! This was the first day in LITERALLY I DO NOT KNOW HOW LONG when I went home and just sat and read. It was excellent. I highly, highly recommend it. It surprisingly required as much kleenex as the 12-year-olds told me it would.



I don’t know what was up with last week. I was almost regretting all of the plans I had made over the weekend, because I wanted to cry out of sheer tiredness, but I’m glad I didn’t cancel anything, although I didn’t truly physically rest until 10PM last night.

On Friday, Ryan and some other friends and I went to Wurstkuche (I daydream of their bratwurst) and then the Pie Hole (mmm, green tea pie) before a production of the musical Spring Awakening in Downtown. This was the Deaf West production, and it was honestly amazing. It’s an okay show, but this staging made it really, really good, and in my opinion, much more meaningful than in its original form. It was also in a really tiny theater, and it felt amazing to be experiencing some live theater. I’m going to try to carve out more time for theater during my weekends, I think it will contribute to a better attitude!

On Saturday, after a garage sale from which I was exhausted (the garage sale itself wasn’t exhausting since my parents did all of the work, but I had gotten very little sleep the night before), Stephen whisked me off to Daikokuya, our ramen place, which was also allllll the way Downtown right next to where I had been the day before. Except, it’s not really fair to call it “our” ramen place, because it also belongs to literally everyone else too. We waited for about an hour and a half, but by the time we sat down and got our food, it was definitely worth it.

Today I was productive — I meant to plan one day, but I ended up planning a whole new week. Feels good!


Things are going well, I’m just really, REALLY tired.









The Weekend

Because of what I have due to work, every other weekend is my “off” weekend where I don’t have to turn in Unit Plans (however, every weekend is technically still “on” since I spent my weekend putting together materials for the week anyway. I live in dread of certain “on” weekends, where I will not only have two weeks of lesson plans due, but also a lengthy and detailed unit rational. This upcoming weekend is one of these terrifying ones, since I will be starting a new unit. This meant that out of sheer terror I spent a lot of this weekend pre-planning for that next unit rationale, but I feel a little better about it now.

Anyway, the weekend started out kind of blah because Stephen and I were both a little under the weather. I get so disappointed when weekends fly by without doing anything or feeling productive. But we did go to a place in Pasadena called Pie ‘N Burger, where we had delicious pie and burgers.


Sunday felt loooong, in a good way. I made myself run frivolous and unnecessary errands jut to stay out of the apartment, because otherwise I would literally be working all day long. My problem is that no matter how much I do, I never feel like anything is finished. So it’s better to make myself start working at 4PM versus 10AM, because I will still feel the same amount of satisfaction. Anyway, I didn’t feel panicked about time all day even though I started work later 🙂

Tiring Day

Teaching itself wasn’t so tiring today, and it was actually a minimum day. But after work I drove allll the way to Sylmar for a workshop (pretty far from where I work, only mildly far from where I live). And then I actually went running DURING THE DAYLIGHT HOURS when I got home, and then I worked a bunch. It was hard to keep my eyes open starting at around 6:30PM, it’s 8:30PM now and I am definitely going to sleep.