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Month: August, 2014

First Day with the Kids

Today was the Summer Bridge day, which is kind of like a preview day for us to meet the kids whilst reviewing school expectations. I am very, very excited for my students this year, to put it mildly. But I’m also EXHAUSTED. I’ve been feeling very alive and energetic all week, but I finally crashed yesterday and feel pretty useless today. Gotta go to sleep early tonight, off to Las Vegas in the morning. 




Back to Work!

We started our site days this week, i.e., two weeks of very structured prep for the school year, which begins September 3. I’m gathering that these types of days are unusual in non-charter schools. Anyway, it’s hard to contain my excitement about being back – I missed these days last year due to being a late hire, and I’m pretty much bursting with excitement about how much better this year is going to be compared to last year. Also, the teachers had a water balloon fight and ate tacos yesterday, which is a big plus. 

Big Things Happening!

I’ve been very busy since finishing school! Stephen and I went to Cambria for a few days right afterward, where mostly ate a lot and enjoyed the cool weather. We also went to Hearst Castle and saw OTTERS!

IMG_2060 IMG_2067Lots and lots of elephant seals (but not as many as there would be during mating season).IMG_2084The Roman Pool at Hearst Castle. We stared at this one for a while.IMG_2106Those little dark things in the water are the sea otters! We had been looking for them all weekend whenever we were near water, and we finally found them in Morro Bay on the way home. Time pretty much stopped and we were there for a long time. Stephen has a weakness for otters so this was a pretty big deal.

Let’s see, what else is new? OH YEAH, I MOVED INTO MY OWN APARTMENT! It’s thrilling. My parents have been a huge help (thanks, Dad, I know you’re reading this!). It’s definitely not ready for me to take pictures of it yet, but I promise there will be pictures when that moment comes. AND, I am leasing a car! As in, a new car with air conditioning! The Toyota had a great run, and it will be on it’s way back to San Francisco soon.

I start work tomorrow — not teaching, just two weeks of prep days. I was hired after these work days last year, so I’m not really sure what to expect. However, I’m going to be the only returning 7th grade teacher this year, so I’m really excited to meet my new colleagues.

More frequent updates soon, muah!