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Month: July, 2014

Last Day of (Grad) School

I’m writing this from the Peet’s in Irvine, drinking coffee and trying to wake up before the last day of classes for this summer. After next summer I’ll have my Master’s in Teaching! 

On Friday Stephen and I are going to Cambria to hunt (not literally) for sea lions and otters. It will be really nice to go when I don’t have any homework or papers to worry about.

My big news is that tomorrow I’m signing the lease on my own apartment! I’m obviously very excited. It’s a one bedroom at a great price, on a quiet (and extremely sunny) street in Burbank. In every other living situation I’ve been in, there has always been someone else who has input into set up, decor and organization (roommates, or as was the case last year, the many previous teachers who had inhabited my classroom). This will be the first time I truly have a blank slate, and I CANNOT WAIT! It’s also 5 minutes closer to work 🙂





Ugh, I’ve spent the last 24 hours longing to be back in Bordeaux. I mean, it was wonderful and terrifying exploring it after being dropped in in 2010, but imagine how nice would be if I could live there now, more confident in my French and more able to look chic in the cold? I don’t know what brought this sudden longing on, but I need to go back. 




4-Day Weekends

Even though I have soooo much to do, Grad School feels awesome because I have four day weekends. This was on my to-do this for this weekend:

Assessment Course

1) Read two chapters in the text book, complete checklist of assessment strategies.
2) Read another text, fill out worksheet.
3) Interdisciplinary Assessment project: Complete handout, send to partner for his portion.
4) Complete Powerpoint for Presentation, check in with partner for his section.
5) Create poster (student artifact) as an example of what we will be assessing.

Policy Course
6) Read two articles. Answer questions, prepare for quiz.
7) Write Midterm paper.

Technology Course
8) Read Two Chapters.
9) Read State Common Core Standards. Prepare one question I have and one implication for teachers.
10) Complete required blog post.
11) Complete text for group project wiki page.

Is that all??



Wow time flies. I didn’t realize it had been so long since I’ve blogged. Okay, what have I been up to?

1. Eating a disgusting amount. So many pancakes and pieces of pie.

2. Running a bunch (more than once a week, woooo!)

3. I paid off more than a quarter of what was left of my big scary loan (woo!) and am in the process of making a payment to my smaller, less scary loan that is the equivalent of EIGHTEEN individual payments. I also dumped a bunch of money into savings, and I invested in Apple!

4. GRADUATE SCHOOL. I’m in Week 2 of my two-summer Master’s program for a Masters in Teaching. It’s intense. The classes are only twice a week for 5 weeks so on Day 1 we were pretty much already talking about midterms. It’s interesting being in these classes because I think I’m the only one who already has a full year of teaching under her belt. A handful of people have student taught, but most have never been in the classroom before. My goal is NOT to become known as The Disillusioned One, but sometimes it’s hard!

Mostly we’re reading a lot of papers on policy and how it affects teachers (very interesting) and are also working on way too many group projects at one time to fully be able to concentrate on any of them. But I like my peers and I’m learning a lot — not necessarily How To, stuff, but I’m mostly learning to think about my school and its context in different ways.