Sometimes, I Eat Cake For Lunch

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Month: June, 2014


Oh my God, I actually just taught (almost) a whole year of 7th grade! I’m using exclamation points here but it hasn’t exactly set in yet. I don’t think it will actually set in for a while, though my first thought when I woke up this morning was how sad I was (this was literally the exact opposite emotion I thought I would be having, as I was almost crying tears of joy on the drive to school yesterday). These kids were rough sometimes, but clearly I enjoyed teaching them more than I thought I did :/

School was a half-day so I went out to lunch with some friends from work, and it was sentimental because the 7th grade ELA and Science teachers are taking elementary school positions next year. I was very close with both of them so I’ll miss them a lot next year. Then for dinner, Stephen and I went to Alcove (my favorite restaurant) because I had been picturing it in my head for weeks as the place I wanted to go to celebrate finishing the year. Crab cake sandwich and beer, mmmm.

A bunch of the kids had written me thank you cards, which made me very sentimental. I don’t have a picture of them with me, but I plan on putting them up on the wall near my desk next year to remind me that even with rough times, I can have really good relationships with students, and also that they may like me more than they let on. I also took a class picture of each class right before I dismissed them, which was a wise decision. I’m glad that my last real memory of these cohorts is their quiet, smiling faces! 😉 

I also have to say thank you to all of my readers for keeping up with my progress this year and all of your encouraging words ❤





Game Time!

Today in class, students spent time playing the board games that they had all spent so long creating and preparing (and sharing positive feedback!). I have a million pictures of smiling, laughing children, but I feel weird about posting them here, so I’ll have to settle for posting pictures of their creations instead. It surprised me how much they enjoyed playing each others’ games — but that meant that they had created projects that were actually usable, and it feels great to know that I both helped them with that AND that they did 99% of this work on their own. Image

“Medieval Mayhem”


“Conquering Machhu Picchu”. This one is actually my favorite out of all of them because literally everything is there for a reason and everything is historically accurate. You play as the Spanish (the “Start” box is ship, which is what you arrive to the New World on). It’s Chutes & Ladders, and every time you land on a horse (yay!) you move up because it helps you up the mountains. Every time you land on an Inca, you slide down because they are in the way. The winner is the player who gets to Macchu Picchu first! So good.Image

This group even considered the small details, including that each player would play as a different Spaniard.ImageImage

One of the groups created “Historical Uno” which was a big hit.ImageImageImageImage

 This group incorporated the Renaissance into their love for soccer.Image

 I liked this one a lot because it was 3D but it completely folded down when you closed the board.

Last Week

I can’t believe we are finally in our last week. Back in September, the date June 20th seemed like an eternity away. And yet, June 20th is Friday! In between finalizing grades, cleaning up art supplies from their final projects, and trying to organize and clean out my classroom, it’s been very hectic. But I feel like I blinked and Monday and Tuesday of this week were somehow over. So strange 🙂

Less Than Two Weeks to Go

I’ve been trying to update but WordPress has not been working. How to sum up the last few weeks? Craaaazy full of end-of-year activities but also full of euphoria. I’m feeling more free every day (but not too free. I did just finish grading 100 essays that I started grading at 7am this morning in my free time).

I’m so excited for next year, and I’m in an especially good mood because my students are working independently and thinking critically, as they create historical board games from scratch 🙂

But perhaps the best part o the last few week was when my mom took me to a petting zoo:

I was in heaven! And now I want a pet goat.