Sometimes, I Eat Cake For Lunch

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Month: April, 2014

Dodger Game and Korean Food

Yesterday, Stephen and I met EB and her boyfriend Joe and some other friends at the Dodger game. Image

We may have eaten nachos out of a baseball hat.


Afterwards, EB and Joe took us to a Korean restaurant called Pot where the main dishes cook on hot pots while you wait. It was inside a swanky hotel, not somewhere I would ever stumble upon had they not brought us there. The food was amazing, and the best part was the frilly aprons they had for everyone to wear!




Pleasant Monday

I put together this review activity for the kids that I thought would be lame, but even with very few parameters, I saw a lot of good student thinking going on. This was satisfying for two reasons: 1) The activity I planned was actually higher level than I thought, and 2) Students were able to follow directions without any prompting AND were able to actually complete work in a way that made their thinking visible. I heard a lot of “Oh! This one must be about Vesalius because I remember that he studied dead bodies!”. And then I get to remind myself that the student thinking was visible because *I* set up the lesson in a way that made it happen, high five, me! 🙂 But seriously, high-level thinking aside, I think the fact that they were actually working according to the directions was what was most satisfying.

Also, in one period I caught one student removing his shoe, which he then passed under another student’s chair and across the aisle to another student — who in turn was passing him cash. It was very odd. After I had talked to them about it, I was met with a response of, “But Miss! It was a good deal!”. One shoe. I still don’t know what was up with that.




Stephen and I wanted to make lamb tonight, but we forgot that it was Easter and lamb was actually high in demand. So we ended up at multiple Ralph’s looking for it, but the lamb we made was so worth it. It was definitely simple enough for me to try and make on my own again!

I went to work this morning (Saturday) and spent a relaxing 2 hours printing and organizing my cabinet — this is something that I absolutely NEVERRRR have time to do normally, so while my room looks absolutely the same, I feel a bit better. I also found some art supplies that the previous teacher left which I hadn’t noticed before. School on Monday! Gotta power through ’til the end of the year! 9 weeks, we can do this! Looking forward to seeing what my kids can do!

Sleeping In

I had this dream last night that I was in a science class. And when I looked in my backpack, I kept finding half-finished worksheets that I didn’t remember doing and that I definitely didn’t remember being asked to turn in. I suppose this is a clue as to how many of my students experience my class on a daily basis.

I went to two seders this week. Monday’s was at my grandparents’ house, and it was Stephen’s first seder. Yesterday I drove to Anaheim Hills to visit my sorority sister Courtney who was in town and who had invited me to her parents’ seder. Courtney and one of her coworkers who was also there work for a Jewish organization in Boston that had created their own Hagaddah app for smartphones, so we used that last night. In a way it was a nice change, thought it felt so weird to all be sitting around the table with our phones out. The app even came with musical accompaniment for each of the songs. 

Spring Break, Day 2

I’m a grading’s amazing how clear my head is when I don’t have to lesson plan/arrange my classroom and grade all at the same time! 

I painted my nails blood red for Passover at my grandparents’ tomorrow, which I’m excited for, and then I’m having Seder #2 at my sorority sister Courtney’s house in Anaheim Hills on Tuesday evening. I’ve also tidied up my room a little bit, which feels great. Mad Men, Turn AND Game of Thrones tonight — my head might explode!




I’m taking a nap without setting an alarm.


Beat my “jogging” record today – I put “jogging” in quotation marks because I probably move about the pace of a normal person walking, but hey. Anyway, 20 minutes with no stopping. I know my middle school PE teachers would be proud!