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Month: March, 2014

Garage Sale Haul 3.8.14

Today I didn’t actually end up buying much, but I did stumble upon the most amazing garage sale in Hollywood. First of all, I think they are definitely semi-professional resellers, but everything looked so amazing and was of the same vintage style that it was okay. There were vintage clothes, vintage books, vintage kitchen stuff, vintage suitcases, a bunch of Singer sewing machines, etc. And somehow none of it seemed pretentious in the way the house was literally overflowing with stuff. I got a bunch of opera CDs for my mom which she said were really good ($2 each), and I got a perfect power blue vintage handbag for myself ($5). The house itself was pretty cool too. Powder pink kitchen!







Uh oh. Looks like I’m turning into one of those silly once-a-week bloggers. 

Today and yesterday were surprisingly great. I was dreading today after a rough start yesterday, but I took a fellow teacher’s advice and decided to let the kids try an activity on their own (INDIVIDUALLY) instead of starting it with me/with their partner. The results were magical, and they all did a great job, sigh 🙂

My students are starting something really complicated, but I’m really proud of them. They’re (slowly) investigating the conflict between Pope Gregory VII and Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV about who had the authority to appoint bishops, and then coming to a conclusion on their own based on the research they’ve done (after creating profiles of the two men and then looking at primary and secondary sources). It’s really cool to hear them talk about such a complicated topic!