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Month: December, 2013

Christmas Part 2

Well, not literally. But I DID find these two at Half Price Books in Redmond, WA, where Stephen’s parents live, which was pretty much like Christmas morning all over again.





Christmas in SF

Part I: Cousins at the Academy of Sciences!IMG_0891 IMG_0892 IMG_0896 IMG_0898 IMG_0918Part II: Christmas Eve and Christmas!!!



Traditional Mexican Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve at Elisha and Ricardo’s (not pictured: slow cooker carnitas!)

IMG_0938IMG_0940IMG_0942IMG_0946IMG_0948IMG_0992Part III: More fun!


Too much food, too much fun. I’m in Seattle now and when Stephen picked me up from the airport, we drove directly to one of his friend’s house for more…prime rib. Not pictured from this trip: The ice cream lunch on Pier 39 and the gigantic creole dinner my last night in SF.

Denver! and the following week.





First things first: my trip to Denver last weekend! It was way to short, but great nonetheless. The last time I was there was Christmas 2010, i.e. the Christmas of the Great Toilet Clogging Incident, so it was nice to finally be back, both to see my family and to relax (a little bit), and to not partake in joint toilet unclogging activities with my aunt and grandpa. I ate a lot and drank a lot and caught up with family who I don’t see enough. Papa Don: I’m still thinking about the steak in that steak salad I ordered. I even got to speak a little French on Saturday night when my aunt and uncle threw a going away party for un francais.  Looking forward to being back again for longer next time! 

ImageImageImageJulie: “I’m normal! I’M NORMAL I’M NORMAL!!!” Matt and I had a good laugh over the fact that she was wearing cat make-up for no apparent reason as she screamed this. Hi Julie 😉



Every since landing back in Burbank last Sunday, I have literally not sat down. It was the last week before vacation at school, which meant that there was a CRAZY amount of stuff to get done, as the kids were simultaneously getting CRAZIER AND CRAZIER. Never underestimate the ability of a group of 7th graders to gang up on you (“Oh my God, she made him cry! Ms. Merwin made him cry!” “It’s okay, she got me in trouble last week too” “Can we talk? I just don’t understand why we have to get in trouble when we never do anything wrong” ::shake heads disappointingly at me all at the same time while comforting the boy whom I apparently made cry::). Added to this was a crazy night of errands all across Los Angeles County with the fellow I am dating on Wednesday night (his errands, not mine) followed by a 5AM trip to LAX to drop this fellow off, followed by work the next day (it’s okay, the dinner he bought be made up for it, although I really should have taken advantage of him and ordered multiple hamburgers at the place where we went). Add to this a trip on Friday straight from work in Friday traffic down to Costa Mesa to see credential friends followed by the trafficky journey down south to Laguna Woods for Uncle Dick’s 80th birthday (worth it, obviously). I need a drink so badly!

Thursday = Friday

Day off tomorrow, woo!

This week has been full of good things, lots of work, and stronger relationships with my bosses. Plus some amazing work that my students did in their Socratic Seminar yesterday.

Today I had to send two kids to the office for shoving each other outside of my classroom before class. It turned into a bigger deal with more students involved, and even though I had sent him to the office as a consequence of fighting, one of them came back to class at the end of the day to thank me because I guess my sending them to the office had brought some other bullying to light. 

DENVER TOMORROW. So excited!! To my loyal readers in Denver, looking forward to seeing you!

Weekend Food

On Saturday, because the ramen place we wanted to go to had a much longer line outside than expected, Stephen and I decided to try Wurstkuche, which is in the Downtown LA Arts District.


Impressed. My bratwurst was delicious! Also, whole grain mustard, where have you been all of my life??


Then, Pie Hole is right across the street, so DUH we went there next. I got the same thing as last time, Early Grey pie, which was still as good as I remembered it.




Then at night, I may have made a Butterfinger no-bake pie.