Sometimes, I Eat Cake For Lunch

…and other advice you probably never asked for

Month: November, 2013


I’m thankful for the new tradition Linus and I have of continuously refreshing our respective facebook feeds to catch every picture that someone takes of their Thanksgiving meal, and then judging their side dish/serving plate/table setting choices together.



Oh god, it’s been an unfortunate week full of crazy eating. I think I’ve only eaten 2 dinners at home since who knows when. 

Yesterday my friend Allison was in town, so we got expensive coffee at Intelligentsia in Pasadena, where a new ice cream sandwich place had *just* opened up next store. Clearly we couldn’t resist.

ImageChocolate chip cookies with mascarpone and fig ice cream in between. No regrets.

And then last night for some reason, my dad and I decided that it made sense to go EAT BARBEQUE on the night before Thanksgiving. 


Pulled Pork. What is wrong with me??

It’s 11:03am and I’m telling myself that I’ll forego the entire Thankgiving dinner in favor of pumpkin pie at the end (and wine), but I think we all know that that isn’t going to happen.


Grades Due

Super busy last few weeks. Crazy stressed, and I’m getting sick. But tomorrow is a half day and the end of the trimester!


One of my students’ mother has been sitting in on class lately to keep an eye on her. The other day I had decided to print a bunch of worksheets on my precious and limited supply of colored paper. Today when I got in from lunch, I found a bag containing a huge stack of colored printing paper that this student and her mom had gotten for the class. It was seriously one of the genuinely sweetest things that’s happened to me lately, what a nice surprise 🙂

Garage Sale Haul 11.16.13

I have a lot of young adult fiction in my classroom anyway, but I’ve been looking for more to interest my pickier readers.

photo (16)

24 young adult/children’s chapter books collected from 3 garage sales and one library sale, $8.80



I’m taking my first day off tomorrow and I am SO EXCITED. I was hyperventilating in my classroom at lunch today, I can’t even handle it, WOOOOOOO.

Teaching argumentative writing is hard. Things have to be so scaffolded that it’s ridiculous sometimes. But then I have to remind myself that no one is born knowing how to write an effective essay with a strong claim, effective reasons and a clear explanation of just how that evidence supports their claim. Oh man. 7th graders even need reminders that they need quotes in the first place. But as frustrating as it is, this is the stuff that makes teaching worth it. In the long run, do I care if they can tell me the date when the Western Roman Empire fell? No (well…yes, but you know what I mean). The fact that they just might leave the 7th grade being able to choose words wisely that support their everyday arguments is the real motivation.

40 Hours in SF

It’s been a crazy few weeks at work but I had a great weekend over Veterans’ Day.  To make a long story short, EB had planned to fly up to stay with Michelle and surprise Marisa, but Marisa and Michelle worked it out so that I ended up on EB’s flight to surprise her, woooo.

It was a whirlwind trip. Marisa leads segway tours near Pier 39, so we were lucky enough to take the segways out for free.

IMG_0805 IMG_0803 IMG_0811


We also ate a lot. Cannolis, pizza, huge expensive dinner courtesy of EB’s boss, fancy French breakfast thanks to Michelle, etc.

IMG_0790 IMG_0792 IMG_0800 IMG_0801




Nice weekend. Stephen and I went to Alcove for dinner last night, and I had a burger, except that instead of an actual beef patty, it was a giant CRAB CAKE. Also, a delicious mojito.

Today, my parents and I went for our first ever hike in Runyon Canyon, which was surprisingly fun (there was a constant stream of dogs wherever we walked!!), and then we ended up at Alcove again for brunch 🙂