Sometimes, I Eat Cake For Lunch

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Month: August, 2013

Life Changes

Well, I am happy to announce that all of my mental stress last week was apparently worth it, because I am officially employed. And it’s not a job, as my parents keep reminding me, but a career, which is so much better!

I’ll be teaching 7th grade History at a very high achieving charter middle school in the Eagle Rock area. From everything I can tell, the school holds its students and its teachers to very high standards, so I think this can only help me become a better teacher. Even better, my friend Curtis (who helped get me the job) will be teaching 7th Grade History at another middle school in the same network of charter schools, so it will be GREAT AND AMAZING to have someone to lesson plan with.

I can’t wait. Now that I’ve been offered the position, I’m getting more and more excited, but I know this will be stressful for a while because the school year starts so soon and I have so much to prepare. Admin actually decided that I’m not going to start on the first day of school because there are things they want me to be ready for first (as I said, they have very high standards), so I’m not sure when I’m actually going to start, but I hope it will be soon! I can’t believe this is happening — the job market was so bad over the summer, that I will lucky to have a job, but I feel particularly lucky that it’s a job that I am genuinely excited about, and the school seems like a great environment to work in.

Stephen took me out to a really special celebratory dinner at the perfect place. It was called The Little Door, and while the food was your classic French fair, the decor reminded me a little bit of the Paris Mosque. Most of the waiters were French too, as were some of the customers, which is always a good sign, non?

1236270_10102200528390269_1087809245_n IMG_0641 IMG_0643

IMG_0630 IMG_0644 IMG_0645And their logo is a little black cat! Trop parfait!

Gotta go, I’ve got a month’s worth of lesson planning to do over this weekend 🙂



After having some delicious Moussaka at a Greek restaurant in SF last week, my mom and I decided to try our hands at making it at home tonight. The results were good (mmm, cinnamon and nutmeg on beef, mmm), but not as good as the restaurant’s version. Theirs was more like a shepard’s pie. Ours was not. It tasted good though, and we have ideas for our next attempt.

I haven’t been sleeping well lately, mostly due to stress about potential excitement on the horizon which is also terrifying. I’ll update more later, I can’t jinx myself now! 

Home from SF

We had a great time on our completely whirlwind trip, and as usual, we ate too much. Greek food the first night, Afghan food the next day, and fancy tea food the day after that. Mmmm. Uncle Rick and Iolanthe were great (duh), and it was great to see the little girls (obviously).




IMG_0618Delicious. Most importantly, I had a chance to wear some of my slightly colder weather clothing that have been hanging sadly in my closet since June, unworn due to the fact that I’m usually in SoCal and it’s rather hot here. I made sure that I had multiple outfit changes each day so that I had an opportunity to wear all of my favorite pieces, even if only for a short time.Sadly, I came home empty-handed from all of the garage sales we went to and the flea market, but the new feature “Garage Sale Haul” will (probably) be back next week, stay tuned!


Out the door for a very short trip to SF with my mom and grandma to see family and Iolanthe!


Sushi makes everything feel better! Especially when “everything” is the fact that you’ve been sweating in a hot Hollywood apartment all day. Also, it’s nice when a cute guy who happens to be your boyfriend takes you out to dinner. Also, I love sushi. There’s this place near Stephen that we like but we’re not sure how it stays in business, because house rolls/sushi are half off for 10 HOURS every weekday. That is one very long happy hour. 

Garage Sale Haul, 8.17.13

IMG_0551Markets of Paris book, $2. Scallop clutch, $2.50.

IMG_0553…in addition to many other great deals this week, including the OPI Big Apple Red nail polish that I am currently wearing, $1.

Dear America

As you probably do not know, I’ve begun collecting a series of books called Dear America that I used to read from 3rd grade to about 6th grade. Each is a fictional diary of a girl living during a different era of American history. Some of my favorites incluse the one about a girl living in Valley Forge when George Washington and his troops are there, and one about a Russian immigrant who arrives with her family in New York City at the turn of the 20th Century. They’re really good books and they definitely had an impact on my interest in History as well as my BA in the subject. They went out of print around 2004, and while I’m happy that Scholastic started to republish them in 2010, these new editions look different and I miss the ones I used to read. They felt so good in your hands — each is in a different color with library binding, and the portrait of the fictional protagonist is lifted from actual artwork and photographs. Plus they each come with a ribbon bookmark, which I found very cool as a 9-year-old. 

I have a bunch from my Dear America-reading days, so I’ve starting collecting them, and it’s become kind of a crazy obsession. I MUST HAVE THEM ALL (but, they must fit my very specific specifications of 1. Being in the normal library binding, no paperbacks, and 2. Being only the Dear America or the Royal Diaries series (fictional diaries of famous princessess/queens throughout history, also excellent) — but NOT the other two spinoff series). 

I had about 10 to start my initial collection, but it’s grown pretty rapidly in the last few months. I had an Amazon gift card which I recently used to buy seven of them, and when they arrived it was like Christmas come early — I had never even SEEN some of these in person before, sigh.

ImageAnd today on our wat back from the Huntington, my very wise mother suggested we stop at a dollar bookstore that she had seen, where I found THREE whole beautiful new books for my collection! It was unreal. I had been having visions about one of them before, which made it extra satisfying. 


I currently own 25 of them, and I have 11 more to go in order to complete my collection. Marisa just texted me a picture of a whole bunch of them in a used bookstore in Downtown LA, so I will definitely be making the trek over there this week at some point. 

I could probably buy them in one swoop on Amazon right this second if I tried, but what’s the fun in that when there are garage sales and used bookstores around? 🙂 

Garage Sale Haul, 8.10.13

IMG_0487Dress, Forever 21, $1.

IMG_0489Horsey pattern.

IMG_0493Very nice triangular glass jewelry box, $2.


Note to self: vomiting up the last things you ate (when the last things you ate are some tomatoes and a delicious orange-juice based berry shake, i.e. RED and decidedly BLOODLIKE), and you are not wearing your contacts or glasses, might leave you with what looks like a crime scene and might make your first thought something like, “EXPLETIVE! Guess it’s time for the hospital!”.

Also, I am happy to report that avoiding dairy due to a head cold makes for much more appealing vomit (Non-Dairy Vomit). I’d recommend it.


Foodie Week

It’s 5:44PM and I’m still in my pajamas because I have a ridiculous sore throat, so in addition to starting Orange is the New Black (the new Netflix original series), I’ve had lots of time to reflect on the food I’ve eaten this week.


Lavender macaron from Sweet Salt in Studio City with Sarah and Andrea. If the macarons from Hugo & Victor are an A+, I’d give this one a strong A-. It had real lavender on it! Also, the BLT with goat cheese and figs was pretty special too.


Homemade biscuits and gravy with my dad the next morning at 7:30AM. So happy to be able to add this to my repetoire.


Homemade pizza courtesy of Stephen the next night. That pizza stone was the best birthday present I have ever bought, considering now I get homemade pizza at home and at Stephen’s. This here is a pineapple-basil-bacon pizza, which I admit I was a bit hesitant about at first, but it quickly won me over. He even tried to add some extra crust because he knows that’s what I like.


Pie at Republic of Pie last night in Studio City with my friend Ryan and Stephen. I was in heaven. Ryan and I split these slices of Marion Berry pie and Pecan pie, as well as this homemade oreo, and Stephen ordered a homemade peanut butter cup. I haven’t stopped thinking about pie all day.

And tonight, I am genuinely excited to be eating nothing but broccoli, though I know my dad will try to guilt me into eating the steak he’s making. First World Problems.