Victoria, Day 3!

by ameliamerwin

Mmmm. Yet another cappuccino at Discovery Coffee (my third in two days). We’re done with the day’s touristing so now we’re here to get caffeine and use their precious precious wifi since we had to turn the data off on our phones on account of being in ANOTHER COUNTRY.

Let’s see, yesterday: We spent most of last night at Butchart Gardens, which is the main attraction here in Victoria (except, that’s it’s not actually in Victoria but whatever). Stephen brought two very nice cameras with him so I got to experiment taking pictures with a fancy camera which made it much more enjoyable than otherwise. I like flowers, but not as much as other things. It was really nice though, and I’m glad we went. There was a fireworks show afterward, and it was so surreal and unlike any other fireworks I’ve seen (and, our third fireworks of this trip after the Mariners game and the 4th on Lake Washington). First of all, the music was great — waltz music that I didn’t recognize and Sing, Sing, Sing (what a perfect song for fireworks). But the thing that made it different was that in addition to shooting fireworks up into the air the normal way, they had also illuminated (with fireworks with something else) frames on the ground, which created shapes (including big band instruments that moved). I’ve never seen “moving” fireworks before and it was really really cool, plus we were in these reallly fancy gardens which made it even better.

Today after coffee we went to Ross Bay Cemetery which was nice, and then we visited Craigdorrach Castle, which is a very fancy and ornate mansion located in a residential part of Victoria. It was built by a Scottish family who became very rich after discovering coal nearby (rich as in: a fortune of $15-20M in the 1890s). The building was interesting because after the family sold it, it was used as a college, and a military, and a music conservatory before it became a museum, and they even left the names that people had scratched into the wood from other eras of the house when they re-did it for the museum, which was really interesting. Also, when the family sold the house they auctioned everything inside it off, and I can only imagine how long it must have taken to find enough appropriate furniture, decor, etc to fill a house that size when they turned it into a museum. Definitely a must-see attraction if you end up in Victoria!

Craigdorrach CastleUs in front of the Castle.

Then we found a fish & chips place on the docks and waited in line for about an hour, but my cold shrimp sandwich was delicious so it was worth it, and we ate while looking out at the harbor which is always nice.

We’re getting on our ferry back to Port Angeles tonight, and we’ll be back in Redmond very late. I’ll be on my phone starting Monday, and I’ll try to upload pictures on Monday as well!