Victoria, Day 2!

by ameliamerwin

Today started out perfectly, at Discovery Coffee two minutes away from our hotel with one of the best capucinos I’ve had, and then another two minute drive away with Dim Sum in Chinatown (haha Dad, have YOU had Dim Sum in Victoria?? I didn’t think so). Then we went to the Royal BC Museum, which was wonderful and full of natural and man-made history of the region, complete with a good exhibit on the race to the South Pole.

Then we got lunch, and then on a whim we ended up getting ice cream as we walked back to our car, except that it wasn’t just any ice cream cone, it was an ice cream cone packed with the most ice cream EVER. I couldn’t even finish it, it was so sad. Mom & Dad: Please throw out all of the real food before I get home because I am done with eating real food for a long time after this trip.

Also, we went to the local cathedral. Good stuff!