Sometimes, I Eat Cake For Lunch

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Month: July, 2013


I’ve been so exhausted this whole week, but it’s been a good one! We had some people over this week for what ended up being a graduation party for me, even though initially I just wanted an excuse to see a lot of people who I hadn’t seen in a while on account of having been stuck in Irvine for the entire year. Anyway, it turned out really well and it was great to see everyone. My crumbled goat cheese-sun dried tomato-basil-olive oil pasta went over well, as did my extra chocolate brownies, my dark chocolate chip-orange cranberry cookies, and my Nutter Butter balls (covered in melted dark chocolate).

Bar trivia tonight with Sarah and Andrea!


One Fell Swoop

Just got back from seeing Macbeth at Independent Shakespeare, the company that Jenna and Marisa and I used to volunteer at when we graduated from high school. So good, lots and lots of blood. It was like seeing an episode of any HBO drama, but live.


Exciting blog news! I’ve been told before that it’s difficult to comment on this blog in a stress-free way. However, try to comment now and I think you’ll have a much easier time (thank you, Stephen). You don’t even need to be logged in or have a WordPress account. Don’t forget to fill in your name or I might not know who you are.

Happy commenting!

Back in Burbank

I’m back in Burbank after traveling around for over two weeks, as well as back permanently since I’ve moved home, yippee! The last few days gave been spent seriously cleaning out my room, and it feels amazing (paperwork, old notebooks, things I never needed to begin with, etc).

The last few days on the road (from Redmond through Washington and Oregon and in SF for less than 24 hours) made it difficult to blog, but here are some of the things that I was up to:

1. Seeing Mount Saint Helens! I’ve always liked volcanos since I was little, so getting to see this one up close and personal was really exciting. The trees are still sideways on the surrounding mountains because the whole area has been preserved for research.

2. Eating dinner in Portland. We Yelped for a salad place and found a cheap place that ended up being really good and that I totally would have gone back to had I been staying longer. Salad was necessary that night after what we had had for breakfast that morning (see below).

3. Breakfast at The Buttered Biscuit in Sumner, Washington. Having left Redmond that morning at 7AM and taking an extra long (and semi-unnecessary detour to see Mount Rainier), we decided that we felt like going to a diner. Cue stumbling upon The Buttered Biscuit on Yelp, after which I felt the need to read the entire menu out loud, which only made us hungrier. After finally getting near and going to the address listed (where there was no Buttered Biscuit to be found), we eventually found it near the railroad tracks not too much farther away. That was seriously the hungriest I’ve ever been, and I felt like my stomach was eating itself. The place itself had a great atmosphere that made it even better: the booths were ripped and the building rattled when a train came by, but it was sooo goood. Here’s the description from the menu of what Stephen ordered (and didn’t get close to finishing):

**The Don’t Be A Chicken**

Our 12-ounce chicken fried steak loaded on a split biscuit, double loaded with SOS gravy, spuds, gramma eggs, cheese and grilled onions. Served with cornbread! Whew-wee!!!

It was seriously enough for three people. I got eggs benedict which came served on a biscuit with bacon, ham and sausage, but I barely had room for any of the meat. Oh, and Stephen’s also came with a piece of cornbread that was the size of my head. Amazing.

4. My friend Ryan came back from his au pair stint in Paris on July 12. Very strange that he had already been there for 10 months because I missed him terribly but I feel like he just left. Also, I came back from France a year ago on July 13, which is also strange.

5. Stephen took me to the Natural History Museum a few days ago, which was awesome. Dinosaurs!

Last Day in Washington

We got home really late last night from our multiple ferries, and today after sleeping in, we went to the EMP (the Experience Music Project) which is a giant interactive music museum in Seattle. Very very cool. It’s also attached to a science fiction museum, and they had a great horror film exhibit, which I enjoyed very much even though I do not enjoy horror films. Then we got more coffee, big surprise!

We spent the rest of the day hanging out and talking and having fun with Stephen’s family, and tomorrow we’re leaving bright and early. I’m sad to go, I’ve had such a great time and I really like the Pacific Northwest and everyone we’ve been hanging out with. We’re going to wind our way down tomorrow and end up in SF by Wednesday. Then home on Thursday!

Photos are up on Facebook 🙂

Victoria, Day 3!

Mmmm. Yet another cappuccino at Discovery Coffee (my third in two days). We’re done with the day’s touristing so now we’re here to get caffeine and use their precious precious wifi since we had to turn the data off on our phones on account of being in ANOTHER COUNTRY.

Let’s see, yesterday: We spent most of last night at Butchart Gardens, which is the main attraction here in Victoria (except, that’s it’s not actually in Victoria but whatever). Stephen brought two very nice cameras with him so I got to experiment taking pictures with a fancy camera which made it much more enjoyable than otherwise. I like flowers, but not as much as other things. It was really nice though, and I’m glad we went. There was a fireworks show afterward, and it was so surreal and unlike any other fireworks I’ve seen (and, our third fireworks of this trip after the Mariners game and the 4th on Lake Washington). First of all, the music was great — waltz music that I didn’t recognize and Sing, Sing, Sing (what a perfect song for fireworks). But the thing that made it different was that in addition to shooting fireworks up into the air the normal way, they had also illuminated (with fireworks with something else) frames on the ground, which created shapes (including big band instruments that moved). I’ve never seen “moving” fireworks before and it was really really cool, plus we were in these reallly fancy gardens which made it even better.

Today after coffee we went to Ross Bay Cemetery which was nice, and then we visited Craigdorrach Castle, which is a very fancy and ornate mansion located in a residential part of Victoria. It was built by a Scottish family who became very rich after discovering coal nearby (rich as in: a fortune of $15-20M in the 1890s). The building was interesting because after the family sold it, it was used as a college, and a military, and a music conservatory before it became a museum, and they even left the names that people had scratched into the wood from other eras of the house when they re-did it for the museum, which was really interesting. Also, when the family sold the house they auctioned everything inside it off, and I can only imagine how long it must have taken to find enough appropriate furniture, decor, etc to fill a house that size when they turned it into a museum. Definitely a must-see attraction if you end up in Victoria!

Craigdorrach CastleUs in front of the Castle.

Then we found a fish & chips place on the docks and waited in line for about an hour, but my cold shrimp sandwich was delicious so it was worth it, and we ate while looking out at the harbor which is always nice.

We’re getting on our ferry back to Port Angeles tonight, and we’ll be back in Redmond very late. I’ll be on my phone starting Monday, and I’ll try to upload pictures on Monday as well!

Victoria, Day 2!

Today started out perfectly, at Discovery Coffee two minutes away from our hotel with one of the best capucinos I’ve had, and then another two minute drive away with Dim Sum in Chinatown (haha Dad, have YOU had Dim Sum in Victoria?? I didn’t think so). Then we went to the Royal BC Museum, which was wonderful and full of natural and man-made history of the region, complete with a good exhibit on the race to the South Pole.

Then we got lunch, and then on a whim we ended up getting ice cream as we walked back to our car, except that it wasn’t just any ice cream cone, it was an ice cream cone packed with the most ice cream EVER. I couldn’t even finish it, it was so sad. Mom & Dad: Please throw out all of the real food before I get home because I am done with eating real food for a long time after this trip.

Also, we went to the local cathedral. Good stuff!


After a very early morning, two ferries and some very scenic drives through Washington, we made it to Victoria!

In between the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge and the big ferry from Port Angeles to Victoria, we had a lot of time so we visited the little Washington town of Port Townsend, on Stephen’s parents suggestion. Oh my God, it was so cute. All of the buildings had facades from the 1880s and it was right on the water. Stephen practically had to drag me away, plus the coffee we had was excellent. Even better, we saw a baby elephant seal right up close! We walked to the pier and were the only people besides this other couple, who had spotted the baby seal (baby meaning only about 7 feet long) who was bobbing about looking straight at us. I ran down to the lower part of the pier as he drifted under, and I got a picture of him but it wasn’t that great. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen. A few minutes later from a little garden they had set up farther away, we watched him continue to bob up and down, and apparently he’s been hanging around. He was alone though, so sad. A loose seal.

Victoria is really interesting, even though we got in at around 4PM so we haven’t really seen the city during the day. It reminds me kind of of London, what with all of the statues of Queen Victoria and old buildings and fake union jacks. We just got back from a very cold ghost tour which was pretty good too. We mostly walked around before the tour and explored. One weird thing was that it was a busy and bustling summer Friday night, but a huge portion of the restaurants were closed.

I’ll try to upload photos, but at the least they’ll be on Facebook in a few days even if they don’t make it on my blog. More updates tomorrow!

July 4th

Happy 4th of July y’all!

Today Stephen and his dad went out to do stuff, so Stephen’s mom Betsy took me around to explore the area. We even went to a bridge over this really nice lake which I was scared to take a picture of because it would have been too easy for my phone to slip out of my little hands and fall through the cracks in the bridge (which moved by the way. Scary). On the other side of the bridge were yurts that people can rent for only $50 a night. There was also a big container, like the kind you might see on a dock. Someone who worked for the park we were in let us see inside, and it had actually been converted into a very cozy looking camping area, complete with  a bunk bed and photos on the wall. It was also available to rent to camp in, very cool.

Betsy and I had just sat down for lunch in a diner in Fall City, nearish by (though, not near by our standards I would bet), when we got a call from Stephen that he and Tim were at Mo’s, the same bbq place where I had gotten pulled pork a few days ago. We hadn’t ordered yet so we immediately left to join them. MMMM. PULLED PORK AGAIN. Also, I had bacon for breakfast this morning. I hope there is some sort of pork tonight at dinner.

Stephen and I are leaving very early in the morning to catch two ferries to Victoria. I’ll update from there, but please don’t call or text me until Monday! 🙂

More Seattle

Today Stephen took me in to Seattle again and we had a great time. He took me up to the Space Needle, which was awesome and which we got some really great pictures on, which we…accidentally deleted. Oh well, it was still really great. It did keep this picture of the view of Seattle.


We also walked around Seattle Center a bunch which was very pleasant. There was a fountain!


Then we drove around Elliot Bay (I think) which is apparently incredibly deep, to West Seattle, where I took this picture. Look at the little Space Needle! I was just on top of that thing!


Then Stephen wouldn’t tell me where we were going for lunch, but he ended up taking me to the best fish & chips everrr. It’s many hours later and I’m still thinking about it.