Sometimes, I Eat Cake For Lunch

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Month: June, 2013

Friday in Washington

Yesterday was kind of a blur! In the early afternoon, Stephen and his sister Erin took me to Snoqualmie Falls, which is a really cool waterfall pretty near their house in Redmond.





Then, we were starving so Stephen yelped local restaurants and we (unfortunately) discovered a small but delicious bbq restaurant, with some pretty amazing pulled pork that I am still thinking about as I type.



We ate lunch at 1-something, and it was so filling that I didn’t even want dinner yesterday. We picked up one of Stephen’s friends to head into Seattle, but it turned out that there was going to be some traffic because of a bridge thing, so Erin made the executive decision to exit the freeway and drove straight to a drive-up milkshake place so that we could wait out the traffic. Good call Erin, good call.

Then we headed into Seattle, which on this day was VERY VERY WARM. Ewww. I was also dressed a little bit too warmly because we were going to a baseball game later on. Today, I will definitely be wearing less clothing. We went to Pike Place Market, which was awweeesome, and which had a lot of delicious-looking things, but alas I was too stuffed from the pulled pork/milkshake to take advantage of them. I want to go back though. And I saw the famous fish-throwing stall.




We walked around for a while by the water, and then eventually headed to SafeCo Field. Stephen’s parents had bought these tickets forever ago, because they’re Cubs fans and the Cubs never play the Mariners. Unfortunately, they were still in Portland so they couldn’t come with us to see a really great game. The last two Mariner games that Stephen had gone to in the OC contained zero runs by his team, so he had high hopes that they would do better in their home stadium, and he was right…the score eventually became 4-4, and they finally won in in the 10th inning with the bases loaded, very exciting. Plus, it was the inaguaral fireworks night at SafeCo, which was really great!





Here are some more pictures from Ashland yesterday :


The view from the house.


The guest cabin that we stayed in.







Yesterday was interesting. We left Ashland for Portland, where we were planning on stopping by a hospital to see Stephen’s grandfather, and perhaps his family who lives just outside of Portland. We stopped at Noble Coffee in Ashland first, which was delicious, by the way.

On our way to Portland, we got a call saying that his grandfather wasn’t doing too well, so Stephen’s parents and sister were actually going to drive down from Washington to see him as well. We ended up being at the hospital and in the surrounding areas for close to 8 hours while we waited for them, and everyone was really apologetic to me, but I really liked talking to Stephen’s family, so I really didn’t mind it. They were joking that this was such a weird way to be introduced to the family, and that if I could survive this, then they would probably keep me and discard Stephen.

It also became a running joke that before I had the chance to meet Stephen’s parents, I had managed to meet about a million people from his extended family, which was pretty funny too.

After a while, Stephen and his sister Erin and I left to drive back to Redmond, and I slept pretty much the entire way. Today I woke up in Washington, and it is raining! Go figure 🙂


I’m writing this from the guest cabin of Stephen’s aunt and uncle in Ashland, Oregon. The 11-hour drive up here was actually really easy — it didn’t feel any longer than the 6-hour trip up to San Francisco that I usually make.



We arrived here at around 6:30 tonight, and at a delicious dinner with Stephen’s family (and, his 5-year-old cousin conveniently named Ashland, who happened to be cutting her own blueberries in half before eating them).

Stephen and I walked around a very empty downtown Ashland and sat in Lithia Park for a while before coming back to the cabin because we are exhausted. The cabin is adorable though — it has a loft and a bear skin on the wall, which I am told came from a bear who made it pretty close to the house. Also, there are lots of dogs, horses and chickens!




We’re off to Portland in the morning, and then on to Seattle 🙂




Off to Ashland for the night, then on to Seattle! I’ll be updating 🙂


Wooo! Feels so good. I’m unpacking/rearranging my room, and it’s taking a VERY long time. I’m leaving for Seattle Tuesday morning, so my goal is to clear the living room of allll of my stuff before then. I’ve also been to Porto’s twice since I got home.


Last Night in the Apartment

I move out tomorrow, I can’t believe it! It will feel so good to roll up into Burbank and know that I don’t have a ride back to Orange County looming ahead of me (though, I do have a very long ride to Seattle on Tuesday, so there’s that).

The last few days have consisted of packing, packing packing and all-you-can-eat sushi. I was wise to start bringing stuff home a few weeks ago, plus I made Stephen take a bunch of my stuff with him, so there isn’t that much to do left.

Wednesday was the last day in my ELD class. Here are my friend Alice and me with the kids!



Today at school we had all of the periods but each was only 45 minutes long, which was weird. I cleaned up all of my papers which had been stuffed in a draw and organized them into file folders, yippeee.

I also (kind of) cleaned my kitchen floor today. It looks way more amazing than it did before.

I’ve also been assmbling my letters of rec, etc, for applying for jobs. All jobs are posted on a website called EdJoin, but so far nothing has been posted anywhere near Burbank, which I’m told is actually normal. I shouldn’t expect real jobs to start being posted until July apparently (and then another wave at the end of August).


Yesterday Stephen drove down and he took me to this restaurant that I recently discovered thanks to Becca called the California Fish Grill, which is an inexpensive but good counter service fish place. I got fish tacos for the first time in my life, and I think I understand why people like them so much.

We needed something to do today, and we’ve pretty much exhausted our Sunday-in-Orange County options that aren’t related to shopping (which I wouldn’t make him do) and food (which is all there is to do anyway). So we looked up good croissants in Orange County and we went to go get them all the way out in Newport, but it was worth it because this was the first pain au chocolat that I’ve had since France, and it was so good. Then we got coffee at Kean, which is a coffee place in Newport that I like (I had a Turkish latte with cardomom…very strong).

I can’t WAIT to move home, even though I’ll hardly be home before we leave for Seattle. I’ve packed up everything in my room that I can pack up and sent most of it back to Burbank already. I’m stalling on my bathroom and kitchen stuff but that will be easier, plus I need all of it. My plan right now is to move out this Friday, or Saturday if I have to. Woooo!



Last Day for the Seniors!

Yesterday was the seniors’ last day (and I managed to grade like a maniac and I finished everything by 3:20PM!). How weird that now I can say I’ve taught a a whole semester of 12th Grade government. I made the kids take a group picture in each of my classes, and since they’ve been mentally done with school for about 3 months now, I expected a lot of whining, so even though I know that a lot of these smiles are for my benefit, they all pretty much hopped to the front of the class as soon as the words “group photo” left my mouth.


Period 2. Can you spot the teacher among all of these kids?

ImagePeriod 4.

It’s weird to look at these photos now and know that I have TAUGHT these kids — as in, they were legitimately my first group of students! The Facebook friendship requests have already started coming in. That’s some wishful thinking on their part, but it’s nice nevertheless.

Also, I slept for 9 hours straight last night starting at 10PM. What a semester 🙂

This Week

Again, as things wind down, I’ve found myself with more and more to do (tests to finalize, finals to finalize, alternate finals and short answer sections to make for my students who have had to take the final early, etc). Also, not knowing exactly how things work for seniors at my school, I mistakenly made everything due on the very day that I HAVE to have it graded by. Whoops. So Friday is going to be a very long day for me.

Here are some other events of this week:

*My mom and I were invited to a Mad Men screening at the Television Academy in NoHo. It was really fun. But it was very strange watching an epside on the big screen with an audience, because there was a lot of (legitimate) laughter in places where I wouldn’t have thought to laugh had I been watching it alone, as I usually do, which made me wonder if I have been seeing it as a show that’s more serious than it actually it. Jon Hamm wasn’t there (and actually, neither was anyone else who woud have been especially excited to get a picture with). But I did get a picture with Jessica Pare, who plays Megan Draper, and Elizabeth Moss and the actor who plays Ted! They were all really, really nice (Jessica Pare asked me how I was doing!!).



And yes, it looks like she is wearing a bathing suit, but she was not.

*There was a substitute teacher in my ELD class at one point this week, and when I walked in to introduce myself as a student teacher, she kind of jumped back and asked me how old I was. When I told her I was 24, she went, “Oh my God, you look like you’re 14!!”. Which is younger than I usually get (17-18 is the norm. I am not 17-18.).

*Today I had to find one of the counselors to talk about one of my students, so when I went to the area with all of the counseling offices and asked one of the ladies there for Bob, she went, “You’re looking for Mr. So & So?”. But I guess it’s my fault that I didn’t introduce myself as a teacher, and that I was wearing jeans and holding a very high school-esque binder, and that apparently I look like I’m 14 lately, so no hard feelings towards her I guess.

*Harashou has been going absolutely craaaaaazy on account of MJ starting the part of Med School where she’s at a hospital in Long Beach fir 5 days straight at  time without coming home in between. Whenever I let Harashou outside, she sits on the neighbors’ front door mat, alternating between looking shocked and glaring at me.