Sometimes, I Eat Cake For Lunch

…and other advice you probably never asked for

Month: February, 2013


Day 2/3 of this week, DONE. It went *surprisingly well*. My mentor teacher pretty much only had good feedback.


I’m giving my first test on Friday (which was REALLY hard to write, by the way). Then we get to watch Streetfight, a really good documentary about Newark mayor Corey Booker’s campaign. Rent it!!


Done with Teaching for the Day

Teaching, Day 7, over, whew! One more day, then the test on Friday, then I will officially have taught one whole unit of this stuff! 

Week 4

One of my big problems is that I get stressed at the mere idea of being stressed in the future. This causes me to panic a lot, but the upside is that things are often less stressful in reality than I’ve been hyperventilating about them being.

I realized I haven’t updated in 5 days, my apologies. It’s been a busy week (but when has it not??). Tomorrow is the first week that I teach 3 days instead of 2 (eek), which means more prep than I’m used to. Except that one of the days is a test, thank God (which I still have to finish writing out, eek).

Anyway. My student teaching is almost over. It’s almost the dreaded March (dreaded because my gigantic project which I haven’t been able to start yet and am of course panicking over) is due April 2. Which means that March will go by toooo quickly. Then once I’m done with that, I know that April will be slightly easier without this thing hanging over me. Then just May and part of June. Where did the time go??

I saw the school’s musical (a licensed state version of the Disney movie Mulan) last night with a friend who’s a long term sub at school. It was really good. And I felt this type of pride that I’ve never had the opportunity to experience before when watching and talking with other audience members before it started (“That’s my student!!”).



Week 3

I was productive today. I went to see Uncle Dick (who drove me around in his new BMW convertible!) did a LOT of work/homework, re-painted my nails, napped (duh) and made lunch for the week.

I’m kind of unsure about how tomorrow’s lesson will go. It looks so good on paper, but that really doesn’t mean anything. Also, I want to go back to France. 

Valentine’s Day

My Valentine’s Day started with these pretty flowers arriving on the 13th:


Apparently they told Stephen they couldn’t deliver them on the 14th, so they gave him the option of having them delivered on the day before or the after, so he chose the day before. Wise decision, Stephen, wise decision.

I was too busy to see him on actual Valentine’s Day, so we planned to do something for the weekend instead. But I did get to have Valentine’s dinner with my friend Courtney who happened to be in town for the weekend, which was great. Anyway, Stephen is one of those guys who likes romantic things but who doesn’t like to be told that he has to be romantic on Valentine’s Day (blah blah blah, because those flowers were totally romantic), and because he knows that I *LOVE* shellfish, he decided to take me to The Boiling Crab for our Valentine’s Weekend Dinner, which was disgusting and messy and delicious and the perfect place to take me!

The wait was long, but it didn’t stop people from waiting in line, if that gives you a hint about the reputation of this place. It’s the kind of restaurant where they tie plastic bibs around you and cover the tables in platsic and dump the seafood in plastic bags right on them (no plates at here). One pound of shrimp, one pound of crawfish, a dungeness crab and a serving a french fries later, we were covered up to our elbows in sauce (including some on Stephen’s glasses) and it was perfect and delicious.




Our first crawfish! It took us a while to figure out how to eat them. At first we didn’t really see the appeal, but then they won us over.



…I’m so happy. This is been the longest week ever…and I only taught twice.

Yesterday, my mentor teacher had something come up so he needed me to teach his 6th period US History class. Even with his lesson plan in hand and all of his materials right in front of me, it was really hard. Props to you, substitute teachers (mom!) for knowing how to do this kind of stuff, because I’m pretty sure the kids left class more confused after I “taught” them.


My two gov classes were great though! My teacher told me that he was impressed with how much I was able to slow down, and he said the things that I was doing were a big improvement over my last few days. Things are sloooowly making more sense.

I had Valentine’s Day dinner with my sorority sister Courtney who was in town, and Stephen is coming down tomorrow. I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO HAPPY FOR A THREE DAY WEEKEND. I started unit planning for Unit 2….gotta finish that asap.


Thursday Morning

Slowing down to a normal speaking pace when I speak to my students means that they can understand me AND that I don’t get as sweaty and exhausted when I teach 🙂 


How it is possibly only Wednesday morning?? I’m so ready for my three-day weekend….so that I can wake up early and lesson plan.

Getting Ready for the Week

I’m still thinking about how happy I am with the changes I was able to make during that lesson, so keep in mind that you are reading a blog that I am writing in a very positive mood. I’m very aware that there will be plenty of blogs to come about bad teaching days. One of my former high school teachers reminded me that on the “bad” days, it’s important to remember that the good days DO exist, which I thought was really good advice and I will try to remember it.

I spent tonight finalizing (almost) stuff for my lesson on Tuesday, and then I started editing my lesson plan for Thursday. This unit, while it’s my first so of course there’s a lot of awkward experimenting that has to happen, is also going relatively easily at the moment. That’s because I planned almost the whole thing before it even started, so while editing my lesson plans and lecture notes takes a LONG TIME, I’m editing something that I already put together. It just means that I need to start planning my second unit ASSSSAAAAP or else it’s going to be really hard, because I do NOT want to be creating it from scratch as I go along. Not to mention that I will *ALSO* be writing my 70-100-page ish Teaching Event project that is part of the program and is due April 1. WOOOO (to add insult to injury, it’s the time of thing that I can’t write most of until I’m teaching the parts of it that I will be documenting….so a head start is not so possible at the moment).

Luckily, I hate to procrastinate and most of my fears of being behind propel me to finish things way too early. Hope I can keep that up.

Teaching Day 2

Thank you, everyone, for your comments about my dessert island activity. Now, doesn’t that sound more fun than the alternative?

I had a great teaching day today, not because both of my classes went perfectly, but because today was a great example of me improving my teaching. The stuff I had planned for the first period ended with THIRTY minutes left in the period, awkwwward. They had homework so I let them do that while I hurriedly tried to add stuff to my lesson for the next period. After talking to my mentor teacher about better methods I could use to start discussions and better ways to draw connections, and after finding a short video about life under Hitler (so that I could show it to them  and have them talk about what it might be like to live under a dictatorship, and how a dictatorship operates differently than a democracy because of lack of accountability with one party in power, etc), I put it all together and my next period finished perfectly 🙂 It felt so good, and it was obvious that I was able to help them draw better connections the second time around. I almost wish I had a third period to teach, because imagine how well that class would have gone!

I almost feel bad for my first period of the day,  because I know this will be a common theme for a while, but I guess what they don’t know won’t hurt them.