Sometimes, I Eat Cake For Lunch

…and other advice you probably never asked for

Month: December, 2012

In San Francisco

It was SUPER RAINY on the ride up, and then today it was really sunny. We’ve been walking, eating, and today Marisa (my best friend who recently moved up here) picked me up and I ate pie for dinner in West Portal. WIN. Merry Christmas, etc, y’all! 




Vacation, Continued

Over the last few days, I:


…hung out in Pasadena


…ate my first crepe since July!


…Baked an apple cinnamon tart.

IMG_2355…Hung out with mon frere and my cousin Joshy (real name: Joshua, but Joshy is more fun to say).

I’ve also seen Les Miserables, Promised Land, The Hobbit, and maybe something else that I can’t remember. Les Miz was SO GOOD. I figured I’d like it enough, but I was definitely blown away. It was faithful enough to the musical so I got the impression that the filmmakers actually cared about the original show, but it was different enough so that it was still exciting. They made some changes that I thought were really good and that made things clearer for the film audience. They also decided to bring in some things from the novel that were a nice surprise. I read the novel last year and loved it, and I think that had everything about this movie been the same (cast, art direction, etc) but it was an adaptation of the novel instead of the musical, it STILL would have worked really well. I highly recommend it if you like either the musical or the novel! (but especially if you like the musical).

3.79 GPA

That’s 6 out of 6 As in my first quarter of grad school, people! 3.79 because A minuses unfortunately do NOT count of 4.0s, but whatevs.





We just got back from my Aunt Caroline’s memorial service in Laguna, and it was really nice because there were a LOT of people there (she was very popular). Even one of the people who cleaned her house got up to spoke about how great she was, even though he apologized ahead of time because his English wasn’t perfect and because he doesn’t speak in public often. Anyway, the whole thing was very nice and I’ll miss her a lot.

Winter break has been very successful so far. I bought a big desk calendar so that I can feel somewhat professional while I plan my first unit (Intro to Government/Federalism and the Constitution), and I have some concrete things on paper, which I’m feeling really good about. I was able to get way more done here than I ever would at school, so I’m very satisfied even though  I have a lot more to get done (ummm, that’s definitely an understatement).

I’ve been baking a lot too — browning and an apple cinnamon tart so far, more soon. And bar trivia tomorrow, weeee!





A while ago, one of the teachers I work with asked me if I had started drinking yet. I told him no, and he told me that 1. I would soon, and 2. Some of the best educators he knows are borderline alcoholics.

Before I say anything more, don’t worry — I’m pretty sure it’s not possible for me to become an alcoholic because I can barely drink half a pint without feeling tipsy, and then I usually stop because I hate feeling too tipsy, and I have never in my whole live ever wanted a second drink. But anyway, on Tuesday night after our last class, I JUST NEEDED ALCOHOL, so three of us went to get a drink and I’ve never wanted beer so much and I actually finished the whooooole pint (on an empty stomach, which I usually don’t let myself do). Anyway, it was AWESOME and I wasn’t driving so it was perfect and I actually slept through the night for the first time in over a week, so I think the moral of the story is that beer solves everything.



More Finals

My apologies for lack of updates. I was home this weekend, and with the exception of a Chanukkah party, hanging out with my cousin Kayla, and Stephen coming over for dinner with my parents, I was pretty much doing homework the whole time. So far I’ve turned in my case study on my English-learning students, turned in a GIGANTIC unit of material on The Cold War, given a presentation, and I have one last final at 8AM tomorrow, followed by two final days of observation days at my high school. Today after class, a few of us went and got drinks, and they were MUCH NEEDED. 


I’ve been working working working…turned in one assignment today, and my friend and I have been spending hours everrrry day for the past few days putting the finishing touches on our Cold War unit plan. And I have my ELD case study/lesson plan due too soon, which I will also be working on. And I woke up with a terrible cold!


It’s okay, ALMOST THERE. 

Graduate School

Today in my English Language Development class, we discussed how we can use graphic organizers to help English Learners organize the information in a lesson, and most importantly how we as teachers can help them use academic language when we want them to. For example, you can help show your students how one event in a novel leads to another event, and in doing so you can teach your student that the words they want to use when discussing this include things like “leads to”, “causes”, “happens because of”, “follows”, etc. It’s so they know what words to make things flow when they’re writing an essay, etc.

Anyway, we broke up into groups to make posters of our own examples, and ours ended up being a Venn Diagram comparing an orca to a kitten. There’s actually a lot to say (both can be black and white, both are vertebrates, one likes water while one hates water, they both like fish, neither are born in egg form, etc!!). Our academic language included things like “differs” “is unique” “shares” “is akin to”, etc.

THEN after doing this we discovered that actually this wasn’t the most original comparison, in fact, Google Images is full of “orcat” results, who knew?


Our professor walked by and saw what we were doing, then insisted that my friend Chris email him this image RIGHT AWAY so that they whole class could see it. Then later today he sent the entire class got an email with the photo of the “graceful oract” attached. Instant A? I hope so. I LOVE GRADUATE SCHOOL.

Orcat in class

(The Professor with our orcat in the background)

Passed My Last Test!

I passed my last CSET! And my scores were *not* as high as all of you wonderful encouraging people were telling me they would be (thank you!) so I am especially grateful to pass. Now I don’t have to drop out and take a leave of absence for a year! Oh, but then I guess that this means I have to stick around and actually TEACH. Uh oh.

I’ve been having nightmares about teaching lately. It’s rare that I remember my dreams, but I’ve been remembering lots of them lately. Last night I dreamed that it was my first day of student teaching — and I experienced it in what felt like REAL TIME. It was awful. Things weren’t going well, the kids weren’t so great, and then first period was over and I realized that I had to do it AGAIN (which I did….and second period had it’s own set of problems). 

I’m excited to be done with finals next week, but we’re really only starting the hard stuff now.



France Time

I’ve been back for about 5 months now, and while I’ve been missing France this whole time, it’s really starting to hit me lately. It’s not just those “Oh, I wish I could be in Paris again!” thoughts, it’s more like “I wish I could be eating ____ at _____ cafe RIGHT NOW” and “I JUST WANT TO BE WALKING DOWN ______ RUE WEARING _____ OUTFIT!”

I’ve really got to get back.


 Jardin des Plantes


Le Voltigeur, Le Marais


Pere LaChaise


Musee Cluny