Sometimes, I Eat Cake For Lunch

…and other advice you probably never asked for

Month: November, 2012


Went to Woodland Hills, ate a lot, baked my first tarte tatin.









Black Friday

I *never* go shopping on Black Friday, but somehow I ended up at our local shopping center and at the Westfield Mall in Sherman Oaks with my friend Kim. I don’t know how that happened. I didn’t buy anything, but I did discover the gloriousness that is J Crew. I don’t know how I’ve lived for 23 years without realizing how perfect it and everything inside it is. It’s like a teacher’s clothing paradise (if  teachers could afford $100 dollar shirts).





Thanksgiving Eve

I decided to stay home today from family festivities to rest up, and I went to the doctor expecting to get a sinus infection diagnosis (my usual), but not only did I not have that, I didn’t have strep either! What’s the point in going to the doctor if you don’t actually end up being sick? Also, can we please talk about how awful getting swabbed for a strep test is? I was hoping that since I’m 23 now, I could handle it (the last time I got tested, I distinctly recall my mom holding my legs down while a nurse held by arms while the doctor did the swabbing), but apparently I’m still not capable of doing it. I just don’t like tongue compressors and pointy q-tips in my personal space I guess. The physician’s assistant FINALLY succeeded in getting a sample after I lay down (which was still awful), but at least I know that that’s the secret. But after all of that, I was kind of hoping that I did have strep, or else it totally wouldn’t have been worth it, you know?

Also, my mom and I made a tarte tatin tonight!! It was fun. It involves caramelizing stuff and apples and pastry and I CAN’T WAIT TO EAT IT TOMORROW. I originally planned on learning how to make one the day after my plane touched down in America, so obviously I’m a little late. Pictures soon, mmm.

Speaking of desserts, I think I’ve found a new diet that might work for me (not like I’m looking to diet…ALL I do, especially these past few weeks, is EAT EAT EAT, but when I got weighed today I magically weighed less than I have in a few years, so obviously I am invincible). ANYWAY, for lunch today I had a donut, which was delicious, and I wasn’t hungry at all the rest of the day. So if eating a donut always works like that, where I don’t require other food to stay full and satisfied, then that means that a donut can successfully fit into the recommended daily calories that people are supposed to not go over. How cool is that? I should start a blog with a title about how eating dessert in place of meals is the best way to stay in shape or something. Oh wait.



Thanksgiving Break

The high school gets a whole week off due to budget cuts, and I’m headed home tonight, as soon as traffic clears, WOO HOO!

Ever since I got mildly sick last week, anything made with pumpkin or out of any other squash or gourd seems really unappealing, which is really bad timing because Thanksgiving hasn’t even happened yet! I’ve already decided that when I get back to school from the break, I’ll be eating a diet made of mostly caprese salads.




Much Better

I’m feeling about a million times better! It’s a good thing too, because this is the first time in 5 years that I don’t have class on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, which means that I get an extra long break, and I did NOT want to spend that break being sick.

Last night Stephen and I walked from my apartment to the pub on campus. It felt so great to actually get to be there on a Friday night — undergraduate responsibilities usually meant that my Friday nights were never free. We had pulled pork sandwiches, mmmm. It’s a good thing that the pub is closed on weekends, or else I’d probably be having a pulled pork sandwich for lunch as we speak.




…at least, on my way there. 9/10 of my head colds turn into sinus infections. My whole mouth hurts, and it’s 8PM and I’m struggling to stay awake. I’m trying to hold out until 9, at which I will take some alka seltzer PM (thanks Mom!) and go to sleep, mmmmm. 





Election Day Stress

I had two classes yesterday (English Language Development from 12:30-3:30, and Social Science Methods from 4-7). I think all of us were feeling anxious and jittery anyway, plus it’s hard to be sitting down all day when there’s a presidential election at stake, and tensions were flying higher than usual. Case in point, my English Language Development class erupted into a 30 minute violent argument about iambic pentameter (yes, really). 

Other events of yesterday:

+More tension and awkwardness among us social science kids who were grouped together for an assignment in that same place. One of us has a disorder that comes with a side effect of having non-existent social skills, and while normally I can ignore what he raises his hand to say about teachers demanding too high a salary and the New Testament, being in such a small group of people yesterday coupled with the tensions of the election made me wish harder than anything for a time machine just to get us out that that particular in-class assignment, so that I could go back to my normal seat and breathe again. 

+My friends Chris and Curtis and I had planned for a while to watch the election results after our last class at the pub on campus, and I had been excited about this for weeks, since I was 20 during the last election and am now a cool graduate student of drinking age! But then on the ride to the pub after a lengthy day of class, I realized that OF COURSE, earlier than morning I had taken my ID OUT of my wallet when I went to go vote (I believe in dressing stylishly when voting, and my whole wallet didn’t fit in my vintage clutch purse, so I had to make adjustments, duh). And OF COURSE in my excitement from voting, I had NOT put my ID back in my wallet for the rest of the day. But I couldn’t help laugh at the ridiculous of going out of my way to bring identification to somewhere where I specifically DON’T need it, only for that action to cause me to forget my ID AT A BAR.  AHHHHHHH. (In case you were worried, I got a drink in the end). 




Election Day

I remember exactly where I was 4 years ago. I didn’t have a TV in my apartment, so I grabbed one of the freshmen in my sorority and we watched the results together at the Irvine Democratic Headquarters conveniently located across the street from campus. Luckily I have a TV now, but even better, I’m over 21, because a bunch of my friends and I plan on racing from our last class (off-campus) straight to the pub on campus to watch together.

Happy Voting, everyone!


CSET IS OVER (& Other Things)

FINALLY! The best part about *finally* taking the World History test is that I TOOK IT. As in, I now no longer have to spend my potentially free time feeling guilty because I’m not studying enough. The good news was that there was nothing on there that I didn’t recognize (in my examination of past practice tests, I suffered a a heart attack every time an essay question involved something called the Prussian General Code from the 1790s, or worse, the CRIMEAN WAR, ugh). Anyway, I guessed correctly that China would feature prominently in the essay section (comparison between two 1949 documents written by Chaing Kai-Shek and Mao, anyone?) so that pleasantly didn’t surprise me.

This has been an eventful, exhausting, busy week for other reasons as well:

+I got to teach my lesson! It went extremely well, though of course it wasn’t perfect. I had a break in between the two classes, which gave me time to add material (did you know that the President Pro Tem is a Senator from Hawaii, and he has plans to run again in 2016? WHEN HE WILL BE NINETY-SIX?), in addition to deleting words here and there off of my powerpoint, which made a HUGE difference because I forgot what slow writers high schoolers are. The kids seemed pretty engaged, and after the second class a few of them voluntarily told me that I did a good job, so obviously that was NOT a bad thing. But apparently teaching two 90 minute class periods is EXHAUSTING, because I went home and fell straight asleep and took all day to recover. Imagine how it would have been with a difficult group of kids :/

+Apparently, when you switch your switch your relationship status to “In a Relationship” on Facebook, you’ll get phone calls AND texts from various sorority sisters. AS THE FACEBOOK UPDATE GOES LIVE. How did they even see it updated before I did?? Ahhhhhh. I guess I kind of expected some reactions like that though 🙂

+Since I’m done with my endless CSET studying (NOT that I’m done with homework), I decided to reward myself by actually taking the time to cook. Mashed sweet potatoes are in process. I’ll enjoy them whilst reading about various interpretations of The Marshall Plan 🙂