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Month: October, 2012

Cake of the Day


Baklava, from The Marais, Paris, 2012. 





Well, kind of. The worst class that I’ve ever taken (Cultural Diversity & Equity, and because of the professor, NOT The subject matter, which is relatively interesting) is OVER. Thank GOD that it was only a 5 week class. A bunch of us went to the pub after to celebrate after our final was over. I’m pretty sure that our prof has never taught a real class before and was probably raised on another planet (seriously…who assigns us a spontaneous assignment to be completed at once, than walks out on us while all of us are stuck there working on it?!). ANYWAY, I’M SO HAPPY. And I have three hours less of class per week, which will be amazing.

I spent my break today working on the powerpoint for my lesson, which I’ll be teaching to two 90 minute period of Government on Thursday. I’m pretty excited, I think it’s interesting. Also, it was agreed upon that for our two separate unit lesson planning assignments we have due soon (for two separate classes), that we’ll be working on the Cold War, since none of my partners and I will be student teaching the same subject come 2nd semester. I’m really excited though. I’ll have to teach the Cold War at some point in my career, so it can’t hurt to learn how to teach it now!

Study Study Study

Still in lockdown mode…My first complete lesson plan is due tomorrow, I’ll be teaching this lesson plan (!) to two period of REAL KIDS on Thursday, and I have the CSET on Saturday. Not to mention 2 midterms tomorrow!

My CSETing (it’s a verb now) is going pretty well. In my last study session alone I learned more about The Great Leap Forward (i.e. how China bought a lot of machinery from Russia WITH GRAIN,which definitely contributed to 2 million Chinese people starving. You couldn’t have paid with anything else, China??), the difference between the Paleolithic Era and the Neolithic Era, and the Agricultural Revolution (fun fact: also known as the Neolithic Revolution), which was when people decided that farming was over all more fun than hunting and gathering. Also, Islam!

Next up: The differences between Plato and Aristotle. And ANCIENT AFRICA. Seriously, it kind of worries me that there’s a WHOLE continent where there’s just a black hole in the part of my brain that stores the 1200AD-1800AD stuff. And YES, my brain is *actually* divided into categories like that, I swear.

Pismo Beach Weekend

This past weekend, I took a trip that I had been planning since the summer with my three best friends from elementary/middle/high school. I’ve been friends with Michelle for 17 years, and with Marisa and EB for 12 years, and we’re still going strong! I feel so fortunate to have such good friends as these. We chose Pismo because it was in the middle of all the places we live (Irvine, Thousand Oaks, Berekely and SF). It was SO MUCH FUN, and as stressed as I’ve been about homework, a much-needed break from Irvine and from the warm weather that I’ve been suffering through.

EB just started a new consulting job, and her boss is VERY generous, so she suggested to EB that we put our dinner on the company credit card with a VERY GENEROUS budget, which was extra nice because it meant that we could go somewhere nicer than we would usually be able to afford (before we ultimately ended up where we did, there was an incident involving us deciding on what we thought was a fancy Basque restaurant, only to discover that it was literally Oktoberfest at the restaurant that night, complete with bartenders in lederhosen. We’ll have to go back some other time).

It was a great weekend. When I get back to Irvine, I went to class on Monday and came home at night to find this, sent by someone who was out of town in Alaska!

It was such a nice surprise that I then proceeded to lock myself AND THE CAT out of my apartment, after the housing office had already closed for the night. But that’s neither here nor there.

Skyping with France

I’ve been busy the last few days! First of all, I got to skype with my French host family for the first time since I left them in July! I was scared Lise would be a little shy, but apparently 8-year-olds act MORE affectionate when they haven’t seen you in many months.


It was sooooo nice to see her (Juliette was at volleyball, so I’ll get to see her next time). Also, even though Lise was perfectly capable of talking to me, as soon as she discovered that skype had a typing feature, she proceeded to type me every inside joke we ever had (things like quotes or characters from our favorite movies, or things as simple as “bruno” and “fat”, referring to a fat character named Bruno from The Witches, which of course was a reference I understood right away because we watched The Witches about a MILLION times last year). I also really appreciated the first thing she typed out, which was “cupcake i looooooooooooooove”


And then, of course, the last part of this skype session turned into us trying to take bad screen shots of each other, which we would then send to each other right away. There was a lot of “you’re silly” “No, YOU’RE silly” going on 🙂

Image(we call this one “Monster Face”)

Education is Exhausting

I probably won’t be updating much for the next few weeks…I have so much due right around the same time that it’s as if all of my professors/the state of California are conspiring against me! As soon as my last CSET (World History) is over on November 3, things will be much easier. That’s the worst part about how busy I am…all of my other assignments have beginnings and ends, but there is no such thing as being done studying for a test that could make it or break it!

Also, I’m in the process of planning my first real lesson which I’ll be teaching (eek!) two days before the CSET. I’m really excited, but the technical aspects of planning a lesson are really hard and time-consuming.

Also, while I do like my classes, pretty much all we do is think about thinking, how to get our students to think, what kind of thinking needs to be happening, cognition, etc. IT’S EXHAUSTING.

I decided that while I’m still super into Education and all that stuff, I don’t think I want to get a job next year. I just want to move to Burbank and SLEEP ALL DAY!!!!!! 🙂


This weekend, Stephen and I had plans to try and get tickets to Book of Mormon, playing at the Pantages, because we both really wanted to see it and because the raffle tickets were only $25 (compared to the price of $100, which is approximately was seats in the last row of the mezzanine are going for). He lives in Hollywood so we decided that it would be easy enough to try a few raffles until we finally won, whenever that might be.

Our best chances were for the Saturday Matinee, which we knew we would have the best chances at winning, because it would have fewer people than the Saturday night show. To make a long story short, we didn’t win, and we were sad, but we decided to come back later that night for the next raffle.

There weren’t as many people there as I thought there would be on Saturday night, but there were still enough people for me to know that our chances were considerably worse. Trying to win one of these raffles is exhausting too, because you have to spend that time between when you put your name in and when they call out the 13 coveted pairs of tickets agonizing over everyone else who walks up to the table to put their own names in, thereby making your own chances even worse. And then when they start calling names, you have to deal with hearing the exciting shrieks of the people who did win, all the while counting on your fingers how many chances you have left to have your name called. It’s hard for your heart not to beat a little faster than normal. Luckily though, our hearts didn’t have to start beating faster, because they called my name SECOND, before I even had time to get nervous about not winning again!


We went back to his apartment to grab a bite to eat and to change, and then we went back to the theater. We knew that our tickets were somewhere in the orchestra, but it turned out that they were in the FRONT ROW. I’m not gonna lie, it felt pretty good to walk around at intermission, knowing that we had better seats than pretty much EVERYONE else in the packed theater.

Oh, and the show itself was amazing! I highly recommend it.


Crazy Week

But a good one! I’m exhausted though. It’s 9:23PM and I’m about to fall into bed. I’ll have a real post on Monday 🙂 See you then!


In my last post I forgot to say that I just found out that I passed my first two CSETs!! This is a huge relief, because I had no idea as to what to expect from the scoring. Apparently I did SUPER WELL on the Multiple Choice, which I’m surprised at since it was the HARDEST MULTIPLE CHOICE EVER. I can’t figure out the scoring for the essays, because the check marks seem to show that I scored really badly, but the overall grade is the highest possible. WHATEVER, I PASSED! I still have World History left to take, which is the one that I’m actually worried about though. Gotta go study me some Moghul empire, be right back.

Teaching Stuff

Sorry for no update! Dating is distracting. But more on that later.

Classes are fun, if long. I was delirious by the end of Monday night (3 hour class then 2 hour break then 1.5 hour class then 3 hour class then the tail end of a conference call then a meeting). WOO. 

My mentor teacher had me grade some packets in class last week (yessss), and when I said I was excited, he and another teacher told me that I would lose that attitude pretty quickly. Whatever, I liked it.

I’m reading a lot and trying to stay on top of things. My goal for this year is to use my time more effectively.

Also, this:



Pear tart!