Sometimes, I Eat Cake For Lunch

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Month: September, 2012

Long Day

But I good one I think. I had fun at school today. The first period class in my teacher’s classroom is actually a 10th grade English class (he and that teacher share the classroom). But she’s not coming back until November, so I hung out with her Long Term Sub, who’s really great, and who showed me how to grade scantrons today! That seriously blew my mind, since I’ve been using scantrons since FOREVER AGO and I just assumed that they magically graded themselves.

Then, my Mentor Teacher’s next class was taking a test, so I sat in on the same Honors World History class that I sat in on a few weeks ago. That teacher is a really good lecturer apparently, and since I got to spend that hour and a half listening to a lecture on the Enlightment, that’s one thing that I can cross off of my CSET study list, yessss.

The girls in my sorority chapter have formal recruitment tonight, so I’m about to head over to lend a hand. I made green cupcakes, obviously.


Orange County Weekend

Sorry! My best friend Talia was in town for the weekend, and I since I haven’t seen her in a year, I got so distracted that I just completely forgot to blog. But now I’m back! We had a busy weekend, and we did a lot of fun Orange County things. Like Laguna Beach:



I also really like exploring parts of the OC that don’t look like the rest of the OC. On Sunday we went to a farmer’s market in the Irvine Great Park, complete with big trees and haystacks. And we also got to go on a faux-dirigible!


 Cool, no? It’s shaped like an orange, in case you couldn’t tell. It’s a helium balloon that can hold 25-30 people at once, and it’s free! It was fine, until we started ascending, which is when I started feeling like maybe this wasn’t so great of an idea. The guide told us that he would let us know when we were halfway to 400 feet, which didn’t help because it took a LOT longer than I wanted it to get that high. He also told us that we were free to walk around to the other side of the ring-shaped basket if we wanted a different view (as long as we kept the balance even), but I decided it would be better to keep my hand clenched on the same part of the handle the whole time. And now I know that 200 feet up in the air looks pretty much like 400 feet up, in case anyone was wondering.Image

Back to School Night

Tonight I observed Back to School Night, which was cool because even though it was just my Mentor Teacher making the same jokes 6 periods in a row to his students’ parents, I have never been either a parent OR a “teacher” before, so I finally got to see what ya’ll talk about this one important night per year. It was fun for the most part, except for when some of the parents saw me and asked my very young-looking Mentor Teacher IF I WAS HIS WIFE, to which we both went “OMG PLEASE NO.” at at the same time amid a lot of nervous laughter. Usually people think I’m in high school, so this was an (awkward) new one for me.

Also, at one point two parents went up to him and introduced themselves as just having moved here from FER-ANCE, so obviously I jumped out (and kind of interrupted them) to say hello. It was really nice talking to them, but I haven’t spoken French for two months and man is it rusty. But they seemed utterly delighted, and they must have thought that my French wasn’t as bad as I did because they switched back to French with me, which I take as the hugest compliment ever. I told them I was a student teacher, and I think they were disappointed that I wouldn’t be working directly with the class that their daughter was in, but they were really realllllly nice, and I’m definitely going to make an effort to go to that class once in a while and force this 15-year-old to listen to me talk about the weather in French. WIN!


My friend Jackie volunteers/works for various Orange County Democratic campaigns, so tonight Allison and I went with her to an event to fill some empty seats and eat a free dinner. Except that it was more than just filling seats, because it was at the Grand Californian Hotel (i.e. the extra super fancy Arts & Crafts hotel at Disneyland that I’ve always wanted an excuse to actually be at), and the keynote speaker of the night was Gavin Newsom!Image

We arrived literally just as everyone was already sitting down and the event was about to start, which meant that at the moment we walked into the conference room, Gavin Newsom was also walking in, so we agreed to think of it as that we had walked in with him. There was a lot of noise in the room, so I’m guessing he didn’t hear the three of us giggling profusely behind him. He’s definitely probably the most attractive man I have ever seen. No wonder he gets elected to stuff.


Blurry Gavin. He left right after he spoke, so we didn’t get to go up and introduce ourselves. But we’re definitely on a first name basis with him (in our minds, at least, which is what counts). )Next time!

Also, the dessert was really good. Have I mentioned how much I like Democrats?



I’ve been eating a lot of good food lately. Last night I got taken out to a nice Italian place in Newport. Mmmm, fried calamari. I decided that there’s something really satisfying about being about to eat an entire animal in one bite. The company was good too, though 🙂 And today my dad drove down for lunch, so we went to a hip place in Costa Mesa called East Borough (which happens to be a Vietnamese place). They have classic vietnamese sandwiches, but theirs are even better because they have shu mai in them. Oh my God.




I’ve also been making a lot of fruit tarts lately. If you’re around me for any extended period of time, there will probably be a fruit tart involved.  



And last night my friend hosted a board game night, so obviously I had to make dark chocolate chip orange cranberry cookies, duh. 

Still Too Hot

It’s almost 9PM and I’m sweating as I type this. Not only was it particularly hot today, but there was NO WIND. Luckily most of the day I was at the high school, where I was FREEZING. It’s kind of funny, today was the first day where I stuck around alllll day, and this was actually my favorite day so far. And the school day ends at 1:45, so it’s really not bad at all. I’ve been trying so hard to arrive and leave after 4 hours exactly, but I think I’ll keep sticking around all day sometimes (at least on the Even days, when my Mentor Teaches Government, which I’ll be taking over in February).

One of the reasons I had been avoiding being there longer than necessary was that I was feeling awkward about lunch time. Some of the other people in my program agreed. Luckily, I found one of the teacher workrooms, and this way if I stick around for lunch I’ll be able to do something (i.e. study!) instead of wandering around awkwardly, since I’m not actually a teacher and I’m definitely not a student. I’m also still trying to get over calling teachers by their first names. I’ve been out of high school for 5 years, and I didn’t even go to this school, and yet getting rid of the urge to call them Mr. or Mrs. So & So is REALLY hard.


My roommate’s cat Harashou is awesome, but she’s a black cat with a very strong sense of what she wants, and this has called for some adjustments. I haven’t lived with a black cat for a long time, but now I’m seeing the benefits. I used to think that blue or striped or orange & white cats were the best, but I realized that since I wear a lot of red nail polish and gold-colored jewelry, black cats really are the chicest choice for an accessory.

But most of the adjustments I’ve had to make are because Harashou owns this place. She requires constant attention (which she likes).

+When I open the refrigerator, I have to make sure that she hasn’t climbed all the way in before I close the door.

+We live on the 3rd floor, so she’s allowed to go outside because she really can’t get too far, but the other day I accidentally let her out too long without checking on her (i.e. 3 minutes), and she had already make her way through a neighbor’s open door up into their second floor (he didn’t notice either even though he was also on the second floor at the time, apparently she is very good at skulking around).

+When we let her out, she will stand outside people’s closed doors, rubbing up against them and meowing, even if they aren’t home. I think she really must want a change of scenery.

+She sleeps on the end of MJ’s bed, and won’t get out of bed in the morning until MJ gets up.

+She is the opposite of a vampire. The carpeting in my room is dark, so sometimes I see her reflection in the mirror before I see her.

+She licks things before she sniffs them.

+She literally always sleeps with one eye open. I don’t know what she’s worried about, but I have pretty much never seen her truly asleep.

+She meows ALL THE TIME. And the tone of her meows changes. As in, if she’s standing by the front door making a fuss about wanting to go outside, and we’re ignoring her, she’ll start using a different meow.

+Sometimes when she thinks I’m not paying enough attention to her, she’ll follow me around and get in my way so that I can’t do whatever it was that’s keeping me from petting her.

“You didn’t think you were really about to put on that make-up, did you?”

Educational Psych

I took my Educational Psychology midterm today, and I think it went really well, especially since we were allowed to have our notes with us for the test! It’s great — even though there’s a lot to learn, the professor keeps stressing that she cares more about us learning how to be good teachers rather than us memorizing unnecessary facts. 



After so much studying I finally took the first two CSETs at 7:30 AM this morning in Anaheim (ugh). It took me 3 hours of the allowed 5 to answer 80ish multiple choice questions and write 6 essays, and I felt really nauseous at one point, and I didn’t know a lot of the answers to most of the multiple choice questions, but all in all it wasn’t so painful. I’m pretty sure that I’m not allowed to say what the essay questions asked specifically, but what I will tell you that included in the 6 essays I chose to write about The Mexican-American War, Manifest Destiny, the Civil War, the opportunity cost of attending college for 4 years, the San Andreas Fault, Spanish California, earthquakes, initiative, referendum & recall, the information revolution, the Civil Rights movement, the 1st Amendment, and at least a few other things that I cannot remember. Whew. I don’t know how I did, but at least I don’t have to think about this stuff again until October when I find out my scores!

And now I’m back home and I’ve managed to print out a bunch of stuff related to my psych test on Monday, and someone in my housing community is outside playing the violin 🙂



High School

It’s been a really great week, especially because I’ve spent a lot of time at the high school in Irvine where I’ll be observing and (!!) teaching! On Tuesday I went to a faculty meeting, and everyone was really nice and welcoming. After the big meeting, we broke off into a Humanities meeting, and then after that we broke off into a Humanities Grade 10 meeting (kids in 9th grade and 10th grade, respectively, are all together for English and History, and teachers are paired up in teams so that they can teach history that corresponds the the literature and vice versa). Most of the Humanities meeting was a discussion of the four new reams of butcher paper the department had purchased, and their strategies for hiding the reams from the other departments (no joke). Both meetings also consisted of a lot of scheduling, which surprised me. I think they know when they’re teaching what, but there were about a million department events to schedule (all named with acronyms that I will soon learn I imagine), and it seemed incredibly complicated because everything had to line up with the paired teachers’ schedules, possible furlough days (they still don’t know when the last day of school is!), AND not to mention that the school has a RIDICULOUS block schedule. Basically, there are 8 periods, and students only have evens or odds every day. But each week has about three different bell schedules because of added periods for extra tutorials and advisement that the students go to. AND, to make it even more complicated, the “even” or “odd” days switch off each week. So if Monday is odd one week, it will be even the next. I guess it works for them though, because it’s an incredibly high-preforming school.

On Wednesday and Thursday I went to the first days of school, and that was really fun. It’s still up in the air, but I’m pretty sure that come February, I’ll be teaching US Government! At first when I heard that I was horrified (I really wanted US History), but over the past few days, especially with the two conventions going on, I realized how excited I am to teach something so important.