Back in Irvine

by ameliamerwin

I’m finally moved into my new apartment and classes have started for me, and everything is a little strange because I’ve never lived here over the summer before. At the moment I only have one class until the others and my fieldwork starts, and so far I really like it. It’s an educational psychology class, and during the first meeting the professor had people demonstrate something by playing with Duplo (win).

I also really like Palo Verde, which is the graduate housing community where I live. Last night, my roommate Maryjane and I decided to take her all-black cat for a walk using a leash, and we were kind of ducking behind things as to avoid looking like crazy people who were taking a cat for a walk on a leash. But then we ran into another guy, also taking his all-black cat for a walk on a leash. So basically it was a good night.

It’s been really hot here the past few days and I don’t have air-conditioning, but today it was overcast and very slightly drizzling. At first I thought it was the sprinklers, but then I realized that the sprinklers weren’t on. Yay!

Also, since I barely have class I’ve been doing some hardcore studying for the CSET. I’m doing okay with the goverment section, but Econ is what’s hard. I started reading my AP Econ book, and it wasn’t coming back as naturally as I wanted it to, but I did make myself re-learn how to distuingish the difference between and change in quantity demanded and a change in demand (for the first, the supply line on the graph shifts, leading to a change in the point of equilibrium. For the second, only the demand line shifts, leading to only a change in demand. I think?).

Also, during my orientation last week, I met a guy in my program who told me about the book he used to stay for his CSETs, because he had passed all three in one sitting. When I saw him a week later, he had brought the book to give to me! People are nice.