School Stuff

by ameliamerwin

Sorry, still no cake/unasked for advice posts until my computer comes home. I had the orientation for my credential program yesterday, and I left feeling energized and inspired. I’m really excited for this year, even though by the time I start student teaching in January or February, it will be as though I’m working a full-time, unpaid job AND taking a full course load because of how much time I’ll need to be at my school site. It seems daunting right now, but at least I’ll be prepared by the time I get a job. In addition to us being on campus 5 hours a day, every day (that includes 2 classes that I’ll be teaching, 2 that I’ll be observing, and 1 in a special ed or English-Language-Learner class that I’ll be helping in), I also need to be at Back to School night, faculty meetings, and football games. It’s all for the best, though. Part of the orientation involved an alumnae panel of people who had gone through the program this past year, many of whom had been hired right after for full-time positions, due partially to how well they knew the ENTIRE staff because they were practically living on campus during their student teaching year.

We were also told that we shouldn’t blog about anything that would be innapropriate for a teacher to blog about. I guess I’ll have to throw out plans for my blog post about the positive societal aspects of smoking (this is not a joke. I did spend 14.5 months in France, after all). I’m a little disappointed because I wanted to use this blog to transition into writing more candidly, but I’ll get over it. 

Also, I’m still hard at work studying for my CSETs. So much so that I actually had a dream the other night involving Helen Hunt Jackson (she wrote A Century of Dishonor, about the mistreatment of Native Americans in the 1870s) and the Dawes Severalty Act (from 1887, which allowed the president to divide up Native American land to be given to individuals, with the intention of better assimilating them into Amerian society). Which is all well and good, but what would be really great though would be to be dreaming about Mesopotamia and some Chinese Dynasties. Ahhhhhhhh.